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Online Petitions | End Hellgate London Subscription | Bring back LAN play in Hellgate : London

12 Nov 2007 | Flash, Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Online Petitions | End Hellgate London Subscription | Bring back LAN play in Hellgate : London

Came across a new Hellgate : London related online petition today, one called “End Hellgate London Subscription”, here’s the link:


As of now, it has more than 600 signatures now. I’ve signed it, of course.

Another online petition worth mentioning is “Bring back LAN play in Hellgate:London”, and the link:


Hellgate : London vs Guild Wars

7 Nov 2007 | Flash, Guild Wars, Hellgate : London |  47 comments

A week had passed since the official world wide launch of Hellgate : London, an over hyped PC Game developed by Flagship Studios, founded by former executives of Blizzard North, a division of Blizzard Entertainment.

Given that ArenaNet was also founded by former employees of Blizzard, why don’t we compare the two offsprings and see who got the better genes –

Hellgate : London vs Guild Wars, let the showdown begin! == flash games download link, click here for flash games download links and screen shots ==

Hellgate : London killed my RAM

23 Oct 2007 | Flash, Hellgate : London, Personal |  2 comments

Today is the day, for the first time in my life that a beta game client actually killed my RAM! In the past, I have experienced a situation before where I fried my graphic card by flashing the wrong bios. This time, however, is the first time where after I experience ultra cool graphics, the PC started to have problems.

For example, Enemy Territory : Quake Wars started to crash to desktop for no good reason, same goes to Guild Wars. Guild Wars was so nice and even suggested that my processor could be faulty.

After discussing with bro, I suspect that the RAM could have died. Bro commented that the heat from the processor and graphics card probably cooked the RAM. After taking out the RAMs piece by piece, and experimenting with individual RAM pieces, I came to the conclusion that the pair of 256MB mushkin RAMS that me bro bought for it is faulty.

Bloody Flagship Studios made a beta game client that killed my RAM, brilliant aye?