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Barbarian Onslaught – Download

9 Jun 2009 | Action, Flash |  4 comments
Barbarian Onslaught Barbarian Onslaught – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of a barbarian armed with a sword an a visor helmet out to kill endless waves of green orcs until he succumbs to the orcish horde and finally dies in this Barbarian Onslaught action flash game. You can also execute a powerful one hit killing move once your rage meter fills up.

Download Barbarian Onslaught (File Size ~ 324.93 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: barbarian-onslaught.zip

Barbarian Onslaught – Title Menu
Barbarian Onslaught
Very simple menu. Just the bare basics essential buttons. Old games are like this one.

Barbarian Onslaught – Instructions
Barbarian Onslaught
Only four (4) buttons – move left, move right, quick attack and power attack. Easy eh?

Barbarian Onslaught – Action!
Barbarian Onslaught
Orcs are coming! Slash and hack them into pieces yo! How come the numbers are increasing?

Barbarian Onslaught – Paused!
Barbarian Onslaught
Yes, you can pause the game. Shown above the barbarian is doing a one hit kill.

Barbarian Onslaught – Game Over!
Barbarian Onslaught
The orcs are endless so you will die eventually. How many orcs can you kill before you die?

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics and game play as this is a very old flash game developed and released many years ago. The sequel which was released recently is loaded with new features though.

Deimos Asks
Do you prefer to play flash games offline in your hard drive or online in websites? Why?


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    11:11 am         

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  5. 10th June 2009 
    10:31 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Offline thank you. At my convenience and even when I do not have wifi

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  7. 14th June 2009 
    9:56 pm         

    Pharmaceuticals Suppliers
    said the following:

    Downloaded as much explored your site loved free games.