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Bali – Gunung Batur

14 Sep 2008 | Diary, Personal |  1 comment

Summarized journal entry of Deimos Tel`Arin for the date of 14 September 2008.

Sunday, 14 September 2008
– Woke up 7:30am-ish, shared the room with 2nd aunt, extremely loud snoring
– Unloaded bodily solid wastes, had break fast at the hotel’s pool side cafe
– Was supposed to visit Gunung Batur in the morning
– Ended up being taken to some beach by Mr. Lee instead
– Tried out para sailing for the first time in my life
– Last a few minutes, great view of the beach from high above
– Buggers did not grab my legs when I landed, the impact kinda hurt
– Took a boat to another nearby small island to check out sea turtles
– Also took photos with some other live animals they have at that place
– Poor animals, living in captivity, the people there asked for donations before we left
– After lunch, we proceed to travel to Gunung Batur
– Stopped at a place to check out the staircase shaped padi fields
– The sales people there are very aggressive, these people lead a hard life
– Finally reached the place to catch a view at the dead volcano, Gunung Batur
– Took some photos there, tried out a local delicacy “Mee Bakso Ayam” for 5000 Rupiahs
– Traveled to the nearby Ubud, which is said to be well known for cheap goods
– Unfortunately, it was getting dark when we got there and the shops were closing
– Walked around for a short while before we headed back to the hotel
– Had dinner in some local eatery, except for 2nd aunt and me
– She does not feel comfy eating those spicy and deep food fried
– I accompanied her to have Chinese dinner in an Asian restaurant
– We went back to the hotel after that, after bath, I joined JX, JH and SN for a walk
– 10pm-ish, we left our hotel and walked towards JC’s hotel which is nearby
– We checked out the beach while waited for JC to finish her SPA
– 11pm-ish, found JC’s room, group chat session
– After a while, JC’s fiance CP came back from picking up his parents
– 12am-ish, everyone was feeling hungry, walked out to find food
– Settled for instant noodles in a cup, bought from Mini Mart, 7-11 equivalent
– 1:30am-ish, gotten back to hotel, bed time, finally

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  1. 19th September 2008 
    7:38 pm         

    said the following:

    no wonder you’re buying rupiahs.
    so it was singapore, N bali.