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Aurora 2 – Walkthrough

8 Oct 2011 | Flash, Walkthrough |  1 comment
Aurora 2 Walkthrough Aurora 2 – Walkthrough
This is an Aurora 2 walkthrough for those who do not know how to beat Aurora 2 and needs to refer to an Aurora 2 walkthrough to finish this game. This is a well written comprehensive Aurora 2 walkthrough complete with in game screen shots and text descriptions to help players to finish the game.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – Main Street
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Approach the the newspaper office. (a, b)
2. Show business card to the man (c) to start a conversation.
3. Leave (d) and approach La Belle. (e)
4. Enter (f) and talk to Mary. (g)
5. Open glass case (h) to the left, open card case (h) from glass case, take the paper. (h)
6. Leave (i) and enter alley. (j)

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – Alley
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Walk further ahead (a) and talk to Mary. (b)
2. Turn around (c) and examine figure (d) who is following you.
3. Examine the posters (e) and check out the Aurora poster.
4. Leave the alley to end Chapter 1.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 2 – House
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Enter (a) the house.
2. Turn around (b) to examine entrance.
3. Get lock pick (c) from umbrella stand.
4. Turn around (d) to go up (j) the stairs.
5. Pick the lock (f) and enter.
6. Examine jewelry box (g), open it and examine the contents.
7. Leave (h) and go down (i) the stairs.
8. Talk to the old woman. (j)
9. Hand her a dollar and talk to her again. (j)
10. Turn around (b) and leave (k) the house.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 2 – Train Station
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Approach (a) the train station and enter. (b)
2. Approach (c) the man and start a conversation. (d)
3. Turn around (e) and start a conversation (f) with the old man.
4. Use invisible ink revealer on sheet of paper.
5. Leave the old man (g) and exit (h) the train station to end Chapter 2.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 – Outside
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Approach front door (a) and examine left side (b) of the porch.
2. Get gate fastener (c) and oil lamp (c) then leave. (d, e)
3. Approach left side (f) of the house examine left side (g) to see fence.
4. Get rope (h) and leave. (i)
5. Examine cellar door (j) and use gate fastener on the cellar door to open it.
6. Enter cellar, take the anvil (k) and harness (k) then leave. (l)
7. Combine harness and anvil together.
8. Approach right side of the house. (m)
9. Use combined harness and anvil on right end (n) of pole.
10. Light up oil lamp with matches.
11. Combine lasso with the lit up oil lamp.
12. Examine well (o) and use combine lasso lit oil lamp on rope. (p)
13. Climb down the well.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 – Tunnel
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Enter the tunnel (a) and keep going forward (b, c) then examine the top. (d)
2. Open the hatch (e) then go up. (f)

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 – Inside
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Enter most left door. (a)
2. Examine desk (b) and use invisible ink revealer on book. (c)
3. Open drawer (d) and get small note from pocket watch.
4. Leave (e) and examine pile of books (f) on floor.
5. Examine book titled Aurora Borealis (g) and open it to get a medallion.
6. Leave (h) and enter most right door. (i)
7. Examine skeleton (j) and then zoom in on wallpaper. (k)
8. Use invisible ink revealer on zoomed in wallpaper and then take a step back.
9. Examine floorboards (l) to get a box. Use combination from small note to get rifle.
10. Leave and enter middle room. (m)
11. Examine grandfather clock (n) and use medallion on empty hole. (p)
12. Swing the pendulum (p) and open the clock face at the top.
13. Get the bullets from the opened clock face. Load rifle with bullets.
14. Leave (q, r) and exit via the trapdoor (s) to end Chapter 3.

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 4 – Finale
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Talk to Ballard (a) and approach post office. (b)
2. Get rope (c) then leave. (d)
3. Approach saloon (e) and examine ladder. (f)
4. Break lock (g) with rifle and examine roof. (h)
5. Use lasso on roof (i) and climb up.
6. Use rifle on roof scene. (j)
7. Examine two people behind Ballard. (l)

Aurora 2 – Walkthrough – Chapter 4 – Epilogue
Aurora 2 Walkthrough
1. Approach building. (a)
2. Get envelope (b) and read letter to end Chapter 4.

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  1. 19th October 2011 
    10:30 pm         

    Mister D.
    said the following:

    Thank you so much for this walkthrough! My computer won’t allow me to watch youtube or the such (I am at work 🙂 ) This just made my rage level go down a bit.