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Are you a blogspot.com or wordpress.com blogger? Ever wanted a domain of your own? Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program – by iCalyvn.Com

18 Mar 2008 | The Blogsphere |  29 comments

You! Yes, you! Are you a Blogger? More importantly, are you a Blogger using free Blogging services such as blogspot.com or wordpress.com? Ever wanted to have your own Domain and Hosting, but for some reasons, is unable to or have yet to do so. Interested in someone else sponsoring for your domain and hosting? Here is your chance! Limited to 50 sponsors only! Act fast! Grab the offer now before someone else takes it up! Hurry!

Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program requirements
1. You must update your blog at least 2 times per week
2. Your blog must have traffic, maintain at least 100 unique visitors per day at the 6th month, achieve 200 unique visitors per day after the 11th month from this sponsorship program (adjustable based on performance)
3. Must maintain a sponsor banner and link of sponsor on your blog
4. Blog about this sponsorship program on your current blog

Do’s and Do not’s
1. You can blog anything, except illegal stuff
2. You can make money with this blog, plaster Ads, write sponsored post etc.
3. You are given total control over your domain and hosting control panel (private control panel) as long you fulfill the above mentioned requirements

Goodies provided by this Sponsorship program
1. x1 Domain Name (.com, .net or .org)
2. 1 GB Hosting Space
3. 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
4. x1 MySQL Database (can request to add on)
5. x1 FTP (can request to add on)
6. x1 Mail Account (can request to add on)
7. Cpanel Web Hosting Control Panel

Term and Condition apply
**Sponsorship Agreement will be given to protect your benefit, domain and content ownership

Official Details
Check out the official post over here:

Deimos’s Daily Reads
Finally, I managed five (5) reads again today! Hurray!

Pinoy Joker BendzG was feeling rather suicidal and actually attempted to commit suicide but fortunately, his suicidal attempt failed. Then he proceed to bash the Vatican Church about the new sins – which I find to be quite absurd – the new sins, I mean.

Wozog has a cat idol thingie going on. Vote for Moses the pussy cat! Vote Moses! Meow!

Check your spelling before you transmit that email or message, find out what happens when certain typos go terribly out of whack. A couple of hilarious scenario by Lis.

Lightening asked us the number of visitors our blog gets a day and shared with us some tools to measure this figure. I find it strange that Google Analytics was not mentioned.

Toy Collector BaseGuardian found a new method to make some moolah online and this time, it is about getting paid for submitting sites? Whoah? Like that also can har?

Deimos’s Thoughts
Personally, I believe that those cheapskates should fork out their own moolah for their own domain name and web hosting. It is not that expensive. Cheapskates! Bah!

Deimos Asks
Are you a cheapskate? Erm … I mean a blogspot.com or wordpress.com Blogger? What is holding you back from registering your own domain name and engaging a web host? For those who pays for your own domain and web hosting fees, what do you think about those blogspot.com and wordpress.com Bloggers? Do you think they are cheapskates?


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  1. 18th March 2008 
    2:50 pm         

    Shanker Bakshi
    said the following:

    I was with blogger once, but it always risky to be with some third party OPEN space, since i have bought my own domain name and doing it now on WordPress, things are moving in right direction and am enjoying blogging with a new experience. I always insist my reader to go with a own domain name rather then going with blogger or typad.

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  3. 18th March 2008 
    4:29 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Shanker Bakshi:
    Glad to hear that you made the change. 😉
    Perhaps them “free” bloggers are not ready for “serious” blogging yet. 💡

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  5. 18th March 2008 
    4:48 pm         

    said the following:

    It would be better to get some own real estate….. because it’s better that way…. before I moved to wordpress, my blog at blogspot “literally” hit the limit of the free service. Now with wordpress, it’s the sky the limit!

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  7. 18th March 2008 
    6:02 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Huk? What real estate? What the poke are you talking about? 😕
    Blogspot has a limit? What kind? I did not realize it has a limit. 😮

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  9. 18th March 2008 
    7:34 pm         

    B Carter
    said the following:

    I think kljs is talking about her own real estate space on the web. Personally, I always start a blog with a self hosted domain using WordPress. I’d hate to have a blog take off and then have to transfer everything from a free site. Hosting is fairly cheap and if you really want to make an impact, self-hosting is the way to go.

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  11. 18th March 2008 
    7:53 pm         

    said the following:

    web domain+hosting=web real estate. heheheh

    I am yet to make a review on free domain +hosting sites. I tried and got approved on one yesterday but something’s telling me it’s not worth it on the long run.

    Once your influx of webincome comes in, you’ll definitely regret why you didn’t pay for your own domain.

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  13. 18th March 2008 
    8:05 pm         

    said the following:

    I started blogging (with ads) using blogspot and before, I yearn to have my own domain and now here I am (earning hehehe).

    Well what’s good with blogger is that its free and you don’t need to be good with xml or codes.

    Good news for those who wanted to have their own domain and host :mrgreen:

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  15. 18th March 2008 
    8:39 pm         

    said the following:

    I am proud to be a self hosting blogger, 😆 but I used blogspot to learn blogging, thanks to blogspot 😳

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  17. 18th March 2008 
    8:44 pm         

    said the following:

    real estate as in web host. ler….

    And I didn’t mean that kind of limit, I mean limit of what you can do with blogger.com……. 😉

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  19. 18th March 2008 
    8:58 pm         

    said the following:

    I think people using blogger or wordpress.com are just noobs who are delving into blogging and not sure of where they’re going. They’ve read some of the other blogs there and don’t really know they can do all this other stuff. It’s not until they get involved with something like Entrecard that they discover just what they’re missing by not having their own domain name and hosting. Then they get frighted by the idea of “going it alone” — after all, if something goes wrong with their site, they only have to contact blogger or wordpress to get it fixed.

    So, no I don’t think they are all necessarily cheapskates, although I’m sure some of them are.

    What they need to be aware of is that when they signed that TOS (that they probably didn’t read all of it), they agreed basically that their content is not their own, but that of blogger or wordpress. If the powers that be at either organization decide you have violated the TOS, then your blog is gone. Vanished. No more. Some people have lost years worth of blogging and sacrificed page rank of 3 or higher because of this.

    So, my advice is — if you’re currently using one of these services and you think you’re going to continue blogging, or you are using this as a source of income, get your own domain and hosting ASAP, because you never know when the big man will pull the rug out from under you.


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  21. 18th March 2008 
    9:19 pm         

    Michael Aulia
    said the following:

    Well I was with Google Blogger before until I decided to get more serious with blogging and move the blog to my own domain name and installed WordPress

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  23. 18th March 2008 
    10:22 pm         

    said the following:

    Uh yeah I was a cheapskate until I bought my own domain in January. Heh.

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  25. 18th March 2008 
    11:48 pm         

    said the following:

    Definitely get out of blogspot or wordpress free sites if you are serious about making yourself more visible online.

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  27. 19th March 2008 
    1:57 pm         

    Wan Kong Yew
    said the following:

    Don’t necessarily knock on people using Blogspot or WordPress. There are tons of really good blogs with many thousands of daily visitors being run on sites like those. Saying that these people aren’t serious is just silly. I know that these people have way more traffic that I ever will. Not everyone is in it for the money.

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  29. 19th March 2008 
    2:13 pm         

    Wan Kong Yew
    said the following:

    A couple of examples of what I mean:

    Lum the Mad’s blog, an MMO developer who was previously at Mythic and is now at NCSoft. He owns the domain name but the blog is hosted for free at wordpress.com. He used to self-host it but the bandwidth usage grew too much and he didn’t want to pay for it so he moved it to WordPress.com


    Jed Yoong blog, an independent Malaysian journalist. She only started it in November last year and now it’s already one of the hottest Malaysian political blogs around. Hosted on WordPress.com and doesn’t even own her own domain.


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  31. 19th March 2008 
    5:00 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @B Carter:
    kljs is a guy. 😐


    Ah, that real estate, yeah. ğŸ˜Ž
    Doing sponsored reviews, are you? ➡
    Even if the site is not monetized, having an own domain is better. 🙂
    Well, provided that the domain name is short and easy to remember. 😈


    Glad to hear that you are happy with the transfer. :mrgreen:
    There is no free lunch but there are lots of free blogging platforms! 😕


    It sure feels good to be a self hosting blogger aye? ğŸ˜Ž
    I skipped blogspotting and jumped straight into WordPress! 😯


    Online Real Estate aka Web Host, gotcha! 😉
    True, though blogspot blogs can be greatly customized, there is still a limit. 🙄


    Have seen some good blogspot or wordpress blogs so not all are noobs. 😈
    I still think they are “cheap” for not getting their own domain and hosting. 😛
    That true? The TOS about the content not belonging to them? 😯


    @Michael Aulia:
    Seems like most Bloggers used some free blogging platforms in the past. 💡


    You are no longer a cheapskate yo! 😀


    Getting a good and easy to remember domain name helps too! ğŸ˜Ž


    @Wan Kong Yew:
    I agree that there are many good blogs on blogspot.com or wordpress.com 🙂
    Cheap as in not wanting to spend moolah on domain name and hosting. 😐
    They can self host their own blogs and not in it for the moolah, right? ğŸ˜Ž
    Lum is being “cheap” because he didn’t want to pay for the bandwidth aye? 😛
    Actually, “cheap” is a not a nice word, can provoke and offend people. 😯
    Thrifty, on the other hand, would be a nicer word to use, right? 😳
    She could do much better if she gotten her own domain and hosting. ğŸ˜Ž


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  33. 20th March 2008 
    5:33 am         

    said the following:

    I simply hate Blogspot… commenting system is as horrible as Haloscan.

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  35. 20th March 2008 
    7:16 am         

    said the following:

    When Blogger.com updated to some new template system, is when I find out I can’t really do much with it or something like that.

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  37. 20th March 2008 
    9:11 am         

    Wan Kong Yew
    said the following:

    @ Deimos

    I was mostly responding to the other commentators, not you in particular. Of course they’re cheap. Who would want to spend money on something if they legally get the same thing for free? That shouldn’t be a point of criticism at all. What annoys me is when people say that those who run blogs on free sites aren’t being serious or aren’t “real” bloggers, as if somehow paying for a domain name and hosting space is the passport to being a “real” blogger.

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  39. 20th March 2008 
    9:22 am         

    said the following:

    I agree with Wan Kong Yew…… blogging with free services doesn’t mean you are a lesser blogger or something like that.
    The real issue with free services is wherever there is a limit you can blog with it. 😉

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  41. 20th March 2008 
    12:03 pm         

    said the following:

    @kljs & Wan Kong Yew; I agree ğŸ˜Ž

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  43. 20th March 2008 
    7:11 pm         

    said the following:

    🙄 having a domain and a self-hosted blog is not a ticket to bash other subdomain blogs, well in fact those subdomain blogs are even better contentwise and trafficwise, to some self hosted blogs.

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  45. 20th March 2008 
    7:34 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Michael Park:
    Dunno about Haloscan but yeah blogspot’s comment system is terrible. 😕


    That’s the major pain in the rear end limitation of using a blogspot blog! ➡


    @Wan Kong Yew:
    Them are being thirfty la, not cheap. 😛
    True, being thirfty does not mean they are not serious. 😉
    I see many self hosted blogs which are not quite serious too. 🙄


    Right on! It does means they are thrifty bloggers though. 😛
    Correct, that limit is quite a pain in the rear end aye? 😯


    Aiya? That’s it? Nothing else to add? 😐
    Try to share your own opinions too mah. 🙂


    @Anonymous Pinoy:
    They are still cheap by not getting their own domain and hosting. 😆


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  47. 21st March 2008 
    9:52 am         

    said the following:

    For the beginners though, blogger.com is sufficient. However, when your blog gets more popular, it is when the limitations comes in the form of you suddenly find that some cool stuff you can do with wordpress can’t be done in Blogger. And the whole layout system is one huge learning curve. or something like that.

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  49. 21st March 2008 
    2:38 pm         

    said the following:

    Hello ahkong.. you’ve a really nice blog here. A friend of mine introduce your blog to me… Learning about entercard from you…
    Happy blogging.. 🙂

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  51. 6th April 2008 
    12:44 pm         

    ReviewBack (Season 6) | iCalvyn.com
    said the following:

    […] way, I would like to thank him by making me a short review at ahkong.net of my 1 year aniversary of Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program Share and Enjoy: These icons […]

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  53. 12th July 2010 
    1:39 pm         

    Jayden Scott
    said the following:

    it is easy to setup blogs on Blogspot but WordPress is one hell of a lot better’.`

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  55. 24th September 2010 
    3:16 pm         

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  57. 26th October 2010 
    8:21 pm         

    budowa www
    said the following:

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