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Apple Defender – Download

19 May 2010 | Defense, Flash |  8 comments
Apple Defender Apple Defender – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Apple Defender tower defense flash game, you must build defensive turrets around your apple trees to gun down hordes of worms who are hell bent on stealing your apples. Earn gold by killing worms and selling ripe apples, build and upgrade your turrets. Find the best turrets combination!

Download Apple Defender (File Size ~ 579.91 KB)
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apple-defender.zip (MediaFire)
apple-defender.zip (FileFront)

Apple Defender – Title Menu
Apple Defender
That really looks like a light saber. To kill worms with a light saber is overkill though.

Apple Defender – Instructions!
Apple Defender
Simple instructions. Worms are trying to steal your apples. Stop them. Simple, yes?

Apple Defender – Action!
Apple Defender
Ripe red apples will grow bigger and worth more gold if you do not pluck them immediately.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple and cute graphics. Simple controls and innovative tower defense game play. This is a bit different from the many standard tower defense out there.

Deimos Asks
Do you enjoy playing tower defense games? Which one is your favorite? Why?


  1. 19th May 2010 
    11:12 pm         

    said the following:

    i do enjoy tower defense, i especialy like “gem crafter chapter 0”, cuz it’s big enough to entertein for weeks and you’re never too strong to beat the next level.

  2. 20th May 2010 
    1:40 am         

    said the following:

    Thank you so much for throwing this up man!

  3. 20th May 2010 
    1:46 am         

    said the following:

    Well, it actually doesn’t work on my computer for some reason. I just get a grey box. Is this a different type of file than usual? All your other downloads work great.

  4. 27th July 2010 
    7:53 pm         

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    said the following:

    My apple seem to never get bigger. errr

  5. 30th July 2010 
    3:47 pm         

    social media marketing
    said the following:

    I don’t like the background graphics.
    They could have made it more interesting.

  6. 2nd August 2010 
    7:16 pm         

    skin care advisor
    said the following:

    a random apple game. I don’t think i’ll ever play this.

  7. 4th August 2010 
    4:05 pm         

    golf guide
    said the following:

    Who thought of this game. so nice.

  8. 7th August 2010 
    12:05 am         

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    said the following:

    apple in game sounds weird for me.