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zOMGies – Download

17 Mar 2010 | Action, Flash |  1 comment
zOMGies zOMGies – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this zOMGies zombie survival action flash game, you play the role of some guy dressed in pajamas who is desperately running from zombies while gunning them down at the same time. Aim for their heads to do more damage and take down the zombies more faster and effectively.

Download zOMGies (File Size ~ 2.70 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
z-omg-ies.zip (MediaFire)
z-omg-ies.zip (FileFront)

zOMGies – Title Menu
Such a weird name for a zombie survival game. Like mashing zombies and omg together.

zOMGies – Action!
Running away from zombies in pajamas and gunning them down is real exciting, yes?

zOMGies – Weapons!
As you survive each level, you might acquire new weapons though you can only use two (2) at a time. Choose wisely as you will be stuck with those two (2) weapons for the next level.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple but cute and suitable graphics. Simple controls and game play. Just shoot to kill the zombies and survive! A nice and casual zombie survival action shooting flash game.

Deimos Asks
Do you think there will be a zombie apocalypse in the upcoming end of the world?

One Comment

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  1. 25th July 2010 
    2:31 pm         

    reverse phone trace
    said the following:

    I love the whole concept of the running away from the zombies in pajamas. Genius! haha