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Zombies in the Shadow – Download

17 Mar 2011 | Action, Flash |  2 comments
Zombies in the Shadow Zombies in the Shadow – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of some guy who is trying hard to survive in a post zombie apocalypse situation. Somehow, you are armed with a pistol and acquire more powerful guns as you survive. Start off in some makeshift barricaded area and move along to other places as you progress through the game.

Download Zombies in the Shadow (File Size ~ 9.06 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
zombies-in-the-shadow.zip (MegaUpload)
zombies-in-the-shadow.zip (MediaFire)
zombies-in-the-shadow.zip (FileFront)

Please contact Deimos if:
– one of the above download links is broken.
– there is an updated version of this game.

Zombies in the Shadow – Title Menu
Zombies in the Shadow
It is very dark and there are hungry zombies everywhere! Quite a nasty situation to be in.

Zombies in the Shadow – Action!
Zombies in the Shadow
Hordes of zombies will charge towards you, clawing away at the make shift barricade in an attempt to break it down. Put them down for good before that happens!

Zombies in the Shadow – Inventory!
Zombies in the Shadow
You start off with a pistol and is able to acquire more powerful guns if you survive that long.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics. Simple controls and challenging top down view zombie survival action game play. Needs a decent processor in order to play this flash game properly though.

Deimos Asks
Did you play the Left 4 Dead series? Do you think there will be another sequel? Why?


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