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Zombie Shooter – Download

5 May 2012 | Action, PC |  0 comments
Zombie Shooter Zombie Shooter – Overview
Title: Zombie Shooter
Genre: Action
Developer: Sigma Team Inc.
Publisher: Sigma Team Inc.
Release Date: 29 Dec 2007
Metascore: N/A

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Zombie Shooter – Menu!
Zombie Shooter
Unfortunately, there seems to be no method to change the resolution to anything higher.

Zombie Shooter – Gender?
Zombie Shooter
Choose either a male or female character then proceed to start the game to shoot zombies!

Zombie Shooter – Upgrades?
Zombie Shooter
You will not be able to do much here at the moment. Try again after finishing a level.

Zombie Shooter – Rats?
Zombie Shooter
You get to shoot lots of rats into tiny pieces first before you get to shoot zombies.

Zombie Shooter – Upgrade!
Zombie Shooter
Having completed a level you are able to purchase some upgrades to be more powerful yo!

Zombie Shooter – Action!
Zombie Shooter
Zombies are plentiful in this game. After all, the name of this game is Zombie Shooter.

Zombie Shooter – Grenades?
Zombie Shooter
No tossing grenades but you can fire grenades around via a grenade launcher. Cool?

Zombie Shooter – Death?
Zombie Shooter
You will die if your health drops to nothing. Fortunately, you can revive straight away.

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