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X-COM: Enforcer – Download

1 Feb 2013 | Action, PC |  Comments Off on X-COM: Enforcer – Download
X-COM: Enforcer X-COM: Enforcer
Title: X-COM: Enforcer
Genre: Action
Developer: MicroProse Software, Inc
Publisher: 2K Games
Release Date: 19 Apr 2001
Metascore: 65/100

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X-COM: Enforcer – Title Menu!
X-COM: Enforcer
Unfortunately the fifth and last X-COM game since ten years ago became an action game.

X-COM: Enforcer – Start? 
X-COM: Enforcer
Play the role of some combat unit made by some X-COM scientist. No, you cannot kill the scientist even though you can shoot at him. What sorcery is this?

X-COM: Enforcer – Action! 
X-COM: Enforcer
Lots of aliens, various power ups and even a blade launcher weapon! Kill them all! Shoot!

X-COM: Enforcer – Success? 
X-COM: Enforcer
Lots of numerical statistics at the end of the mission. Showing how well you did earlier.

X-COM: Enforcer – Upgrades! 
X-COM: Enforcer
As you complete missions you can acquire various upgrades to become more powerful!

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