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Warfare 1917 – Walkthrough

26 Sep 2008 | Flash, Walkthrough |  12 comments

A Warfare 1917 walkthrough, for those who have difficulty in winning this recently released flash game which has gotten quite popular rather quickly.

Warfare 1917 – Walkthrough – Disclaimer Notice
The following are more like missions guides that you can refer to if you are stuck on any of the missions in the flash game Warfare 1917.

Warfare 1917 – Walkthrough – Mission List
Mission – British Campaign – German Campaign
Mission 1 – To The TrenchesForward!
Mission 2 – DownpourTommy’s Long Run
Mission 3 – Take Cover!Heavy Defence
Mission 4 – No Man’s LandClose Lines
Mission 5 – Heavy GunsImpenetrable
Mission 6 – Yellow CrossGaining Ground
Mission 7 – Land ShipsMetal Giants
Mission 8 – Exploding GroundClash Of Titans
Mission 9 – The Last StandThe Last Line

Warfare 1917 – Walkthrough – Pre Loader Tips
The following are the tips that you see in the pre-loader of Warfare 1917.

– Upgrades carry over between battles.
– Artillery strikes take a long time to reload, use them wisely.
– Officers provide a damage bonus to any infantry near them.
– Your game is saved automatically each time you start and finish a battle.
– Assault troops will throw grenades at tanks in an attempt to disable them.
– Gas is best used against entrenched infantry or to block movement to an area.
– Use Assault Teams to charge trenches and gain ground on long range infantry.
– Upgrade your units via the upgrades button on the HUD or in the Campaign Map menu.
– Experience is earned by killing enemy units, taking control of trenches and winning battles.
– The destruction of Tanks and the death of Officers will greatly affect the morale of the men.
– Experience is earned by killing enemy units, taking control of trenches and winning battles.
– Killing enemies, deploying Officers and brining Tanks to the battlefield will boost the Morale of your men.
– Machine Gunners and Sharpshooters are weak in the open, try to get them to entrenched positions quickly.
– Keep an eye on the grey Morale Bar at the top of screen, depletion of morale will lead to your men surrendering.
– Be cautious when moving over open ground. Listen in the distance for artillery guns before sending your men over the top.
– Take notice of the ‘Ground Taken’ progress bar at the top of the screen. It shows your units front most position.
– You can lock the trenches via each trench’s interface. This tells your units to ignore that trench and keep advancing.
– Mortar strikes do a great deal of damage to infantry in the open but are less effective against entrenched troops.
– Tanks are almost invulnerable against small arms fire. Use your fire support to knock them out.

British Campaign – Mission 1 – To The Trenches (Mission List)
Get 3 Riflemen squads entrenched
Keep them entrenched until no German squads in sight
Release all entrenched squads
Lock trench
Keep recruiting new Riflemen squad

British Campaign – Mission 2 – Downpour (Mission List)
Get 1 Riflemen, 2 Assault Team squad entrenched
Wait for German troops to advance,
Mow them down with your entrenched squads
Release all entrenched squads
Lock trench
Keep recruiting new squads

British Campaign – Mission 3 – Take Cover! (Mission List)
Get 1 Assault Team, 2 Riflemen squads entrenched
Recruit 1 Assault Team
Release all entrenched squads
Lock trench
Keep recruiting Assault Team and Riflemen squads
Use mortar strike on their trench when it is ready

British Campaign – Mission 4 – No Man’s Land (Mission List)
Get 1 Riflemen squad, 2 Assault Team entrenched
Wait for German troops to advance
Mow them down with entrenched squads
Use support fire their trench when it is ready
Release Assault Team and let it advance to take out Sharpshooters
Recruit new squad to replace dead squads
Hold off until their morale breaks

British Campaign – Mission 5 – Heavy Guns (Mission List)
Middle trench – Sharpshooter, Machine Gun, Riflemen squad
Leave trench empty, lock it
Recruit Sharpshooter, let him advance
Use support fire on right trench
Hold middle trench
Keep your casualty low
Keep morale high

British Campaign – Mission 6 – Yellow Cross (Mission List)
Left trench – Officer, Riflemen, Assault Team
Recruit Sharpshooter to snipe middle trench
Use support fire on middle and right trench accordingly

British Campaign – Mission 7 – Land Ships (Mission List)
Recruit tanks
Use support fire on their tanks
Recruit Riflemen to take out their Assault Team
Recruit Assault Team to help take down their tanks

British Campaign – Mission 8 – Exploding Ground (Mission List)
Recruit tanks
Recruit sniper
Support tanks with support fire and infantry
Take out their tank with anti tank support fire

British Campaign – Mission 9 – the last stand (Mission List)
Recruit 1 tank
Recruit Riflemen to take out their Assault Team
Take out their tank with anti tank support fire

German Campaign – Mission 1 – Forward! (Mission List)
Keep recruiting Assault Team

German Campaign – Mission 2 – Tommy’s Long Run (Mission List)
Recruit Machine Gun, 2 Assault Team
Leave the trench if bombarded by support fire or when the coast is clear

German Campaign – Mission 3 – Heavy Defence (Mission List)
Recruit Machine Gun, 2 Assault Team
Release all from trench if heard artillery rounds being fired
If first wave got wiped out
Recruit 3 Assault Team, put them in middle trench
Right trench put 1 Officer, 2 Riflemen squads

German Campaign – Mission 4 – Close Lines (Mission List)
Recruit 3 Assault Team
Release 3 Assault Team if the coast is clear
Use support fire on the left trench or their troops when it is ready

German Campaign – Mission 5 – Impenetrable (Mission List)
Keep recruiting Assault Team
3 Assault Team in middle trench
3 Assault Team in right trench
Release all from trench when their support fire comes dropping in
Keep recruiting Assault Team

German Campaign – Mission 6 – Gaining Ground (Mission List)
Recruit Sharpshooters
Take down their morale with Sharpshooters and support fire
Keep your morale up by recruiting Officers when required

German Campaign – Mission 7 – Metal Giants (Mission List)
Recruit 3 Assault Team, keep them entrenched
Recruit Sharpshooters to take out incoming British troops from afar
Use support fire to take out British tanks
Recruit officer to keep morale up
Release all entrenched if under British support fire barrage or if the coast is clear

German Campaign – Mission 8 – Clash Of Titans (Mission List)
Recruit tanks
Take out their tanks with support fire
Recruit Rifleman squad to take out British Assault Team

German Campaign – Mission 9 – The Last Line (Mission List)
Recruit tanks
Take out their tank with support fire
Recruit Rifleman squad to take out British Assault Team
Recruit Assault Team to help take out their tanks

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Deimos’s Thoughts
An attempt to harvest search engine traffic, this is probably a poor harvest though.

Deimos Asks
Please let Deimos know if you are stuck on any of the missions.


  1. 30th September 2008 
    11:21 am         

    said the following:

    i actually stuck at “take cover”
    n goes blank, not knowing what to do ..
    btw, about the soldier creating thingy at the bottom,
    it runs together ??
    if i click again when one of it complete the circle .. ??
    *completely lost*

  2. 1st October 2008 
    7:44 am         

    said the following:

    i beat everything except german mission 8 and 9, u need to tell me what to add for the bonus 😡

  3. 1st October 2008 
    9:34 am         

    said the following:

    i’m stuck on the last stand 4 the british campaign. i need serious help.

  4. 25th October 2008 
    6:26 am         

    said the following:

    i am seriously stuck on the last mission for the british when i order a tank they always blow it up and then i cant get another because i need to keep getting troop so they dont get into my side of the screen

    plz reply to this on my email adress (above) and help me

  5. 26th November 2008 
    5:02 pm         

    said the following:

    For level 9, British… no joke, just make tanks. 1st time I played this level, I made 1 tank and all infantry after that. NONE of my infantry made it to the first trench because of mines. 2nd time I played I just make tanks over and over again and I saved my artillery’s for the enemy’s tanks.

    At the end of the level, I had 3 tanks. None of them were destroyed.

  6. 30th November 2008 
    7:24 am         

    Kaiser Wilhelm
    said the following:

    This is the greatest flash game i have seen in a long time, It is really easy guys. Try playing defense for a while. and for mission nine there are 2 ways i do it. First i create a tank and then three cheap army guys to clear the mines. After that send in some assault troops. Have your anti tank Fire support ready for their tank. The other way is to just keep sending assault troops and use your fire support but that only works if your a bad ass like me.

  7. 14th May 2009 
    9:19 am         

    said the following:

    I beat this game many many times but no matter what i still can’t get all the upgrades. 😐

  8. 6th September 2009 
    4:42 pm         

    said the following:

    yay!!! i beated the whole game and thanks for the walkthrough but the problem is i dont have a website and my account dosent work. I have no idea why?

  9. 7th September 2009 
    1:09 am         

    said the following:

    Well i am unsure of your problem. But there is another version! Warfare 1944. just browse the archive. you will find it.

  10. 7th September 2009 
    12:52 pm         

    cheap conveyencing
    said the following:

    I will try my level best to complete this mission. but it seems very hard.

  11. 30th April 2011 
    2:57 am         

    said the following:

    Just finished the campaign as a Brit, I got lucky with an antitank strike and steamrolled mission 9 with my first Mark and some riflemen. Almost got stuck in mission 5; Heavy Guns. Those mines, man, those fucking mines.

  12. 3rd March 2012 
    1:59 pm         

    Suck Balls Bitch
    said the following:

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