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Remembering Lion Boy, Lion Girl

21 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Remembering Lion Boy, Lion Girl

A couple of weeks ago (can’t remember exactly when), my primary school mate – LewKS suggested that I scan the photos of 3H, 5H and 6H for memories sake. So I did scan them, after a few friendly reminders from Lewks himself.

Anyway, I also decided to scan some photos of my old doggies who passed away in the year 1999 (Lion Girl) and year 2001 (Lion Boy). Aye, rest in peace, my beloved doggies. Staring at those visibly aged photos again caused me to shed some tears, guess I am a sentimental person after all aye? The same applies if I stare at my grandma and grandpa’s screenies for too long.
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