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Sky Hounds – Download

17 Apr 2013 | Action, Flash |  Comments Off on Sky Hounds – Download
Sky Hounds Sky Hounds – Flash Games Download – Overview
People who enjoyed 2D horizontal scrolling shoot em up games such as R-Type or Gradius may find this Sky Hounds action flash game to their liking as the graphics and core game play mechanics are kinda similar. Shoot up aliens, destroy bosses, earn monies, buy lots of weapons, various upgrades etc.

Download Sky Hounds (File Size ~ 10.19 MB)
Download the ZIP archive sky-hounds.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | NowDownload | Dropbox ]

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Sky Hounds – Title Menu!
Sky Hounds
The actual menu will buttons will appear after clicking the screen. Enjoy the art for now!

Sky Hounds – Intro? 
Sky Hounds
So it seems like some aliens appeared and everyone is surprised or shocked?

Sky Hounds – Controls!
Sky Hounds
Movement controls is either the keyboard or the mouse. A keyboard is still required.

Sky Hounds – Action! 
Sky Hounds
Shoot up enemies, avoid incoming fire. Sounds easy enough. Should be a piece a cake!

Sky Hounds – Shop? 
Sky Hounds
Buy various stuff to become stronger if you can afford them. Shoot stuff to earn more!

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