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Skunk Meat – Download

8 May 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  0 comments
Skunk Meat Skunk Meat – Flash Games Download – Overview
There is certainly no skunk to be found in this adventure flash game that is called Skunk Meat. Perhaps the name Skunk Meat refers to something else. A rock band perhaps? By the way, this is another zombie apocalypse survival game. This time you control a group of five people! Will they survive this?

Skunk Meat (File Size ~ 4.31 MB)
Download the ZIP archive skunk-meat.zip from :
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Skunk Meat – Title Menu!
Skunk Meat
Just where is the skunk and the meat? The background images look like city ruins!

Skunk Meat – Choices!
Skunk Meat
This game is all about choices! This one here is just a small case though. Not serious.

Skunk Meat – Food!
Skunk Meat
Most of the time will be spent on finding food! These people sure are hungry!

Skunk Meat – Car? 
Skunk Meat
She actually survived after being hit by a car! Better let her rest and heal up first!

Skunk Meat – Success!
Skunk Meat
Nothing really special at the end. Just some image. No stats or anything else.

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