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Singularity – Download

2 Jun 2012 | Action, PC |  0 comments
Singularity Singularity – Overview
Title: Singularity
Genre: Action
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 1 Jul 2010
Metascore: 76/100

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Singularity – Title Menu!
Some of the fonts are reversed. Why is that so? The story takes place on some island.

Singularity – Main Menu!
The main menu seems to be constantly flickering or something. So shiny and blur!

Singularity – Loading!
This device is the main attraction of this game. Can manipulate time with this thing!

Singularity – Action?
Somehow you are able to shift back into the past, possibly making changes in the past.

Singularity – Present!
In the present time, the island is in ruins, everything is destroyed or damaged etc.

Singularity – Recording!
Strangely after many years them audio recording playback devices are still working well.

Singularity – Pistol!
Lost all weapons on the way here you have no choice but to use whatever you can find.

Singularity – Combat!
Your first combat will be against these tall strange mutant freak like things. Shoot to kill!

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