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Silent Thoughts – Make most of now

23 May 2008 | Wisdom |  5 comments

Death Note

English Translation
Not knowing how we came to be
born or where we will go after
death, the most meaningful thing
to do is to make the most of now.

Original Mandarin Version

Deimos Analyzes – For Non-Bloggers
Devoted Christians might disagree with the first part, since true believers will ascend to heaven as according to the what is written in the Bible.

The second part is quite common sense, it is better to live in the present than dwell too much on in the past, or over worry about the future.

Regarding the past, remember the times where one made mistakes, so that one would not repeat the same mistakes (hopefully) over and over again. For the future, plan ahead nicely, so one would be prepared for it when the time arrives.

Sometimes, opportunities passes by and if one failed to grasp it, there is no second chance. Perhaps this is the most important part of “make the most of now” yar?

Deimos Analyzes – For Bloggers
Maybe the second part can be interpreted as if one does not write and publish a certain blog post now, one could very well lose out in terms of SEO, SERP, traffic, comments, etc?

Another thing that might be relevant is blogging habits – A post a day, compared against – Have not posted for a week, spent one whole Sunday writing and publishing back dated posts, so that it appeared as if it is one post a day as well. Surely the former (a post a day) is easier, right? Then again, this depends on how much time a blogger has to invest in one’s blogging activities.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
Are you a fellow Blogger who also happens to be a fellow EntreCarder? Perhaps you might want to check out bloggista‘s EntreCard Dropper’s Code of Ethics.

Deimos’s Thoughts
In the past, there was a time when Deimos thought too much about the future. Ended up many dreams dashed, plans unaccomplished, or did not even kick off.

Now, Deimos attempts to focus on the things at hand. Planning ahead when needed to.

Deimos Asks
Where do you spend your time the most? The past, present or future?


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  1. 23rd May 2008 
    9:26 am         

    said the following:

    wa………………death note…………hahahahah=p

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  3. 23rd May 2008 
    10:39 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    What’s so funny? 😐

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  5. 23rd May 2008 
    8:35 pm         

    said the following:

    I wonder if you put that death god there because this posts is about life and death?

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  7. 23rd May 2008 
    11:41 pm         

    said the following:


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  9. 24th May 2008 
    10:04 pm         

    said the following:

    I agree. Just make the most of what you have today. Leave the ‘morrow to the angels. 🙂