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Shopping Cart Hero – Download

7 Feb 2009 | Action, Flash |  8 comments
Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero – Download – Overview
In this Shopping Cart Hero action flash game, you play the role of a stick man who does amazing stunts with a shopping cart. Not interesting enough? You can also earn money and buy upgrades for the shopping cart, making it a heavily modified shopping cart. Are you a Shopping Cart Hero?

Download Shopping Cart Hero (File Size ~ 149.39 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: shopping-cart-hero.zip

Shopping Cart Hero – Title Menu
Shopping Cart Hero
The high scores button will not work in offline mode, click play to start carting.

Shopping Cart Hero – Action!
Shopping Cart Hero
Well, no action yet unless you shove the shopping cart downhill first.

Shopping Cart Hero – Mid Air Stunts
Shopping Cart Hero
That is a really cool stunt eh? Remember, do not try this at home!

Shopping Cart Hero – Safe Landing
Shopping Cart Hero
Successful landing! How come the shopping cart is loaded with other people as well?

Shopping Cart Hero – Score
Shopping Cart Hero
You will be scored based on how high and far you have flown plus any tricks you have performed. Oh, most important factor is style, which means a safe landing.

Shopping Cart Hero – Upgrades
Shopping Cart Hero
You need to max out the upgrades in order to get a really high score.

Shopping Cart Hero – Groupie
Shopping Cart Hero
You can hire up to a total of extra three (3) people to ride together with you.

Shopping Cart Hero – Fatal Landing
Shopping Cart Hero
Land improperly and watch everyone knock their heads on the floor and die.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads for today.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics, simple game play yet surprisingly high entertainment value. A good game.

Deimos Asks
Have you ever wanted to do something like this in real life? Yes? No? Why?


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  1. 10th February 2009 
    2:02 pm         

    said the following:

    Yes, really,the graphics is simple,looks like the character is made of a match.But I like the idea of shopping and the shopping cart itself.The shopping cart implies big purchases and that is such a treat.Both the game and shopping are amazing.

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  3. 18th February 2009 
    12:57 am         

    Funny Stuff
    said the following:

    I saw this game on Digg, it’s a lot of fun. Nice and simple and yet pretty addicting.

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  5. 19th February 2009 
    5:57 pm         

    said the following:

    Simplistic, but good.

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  7. 19th February 2009 
    9:31 pm         

    said the following:

    This game looks pretty entertaining. They knew what they wanted to shoot for and they accomplished it. I like the notion of shooting for better and better scores as you upgrade.

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  9. 16th April 2009 
    5:59 am         

    said the following:

    I like chicken!

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  11. 2nd June 2009 
    10:18 pm         

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    said the following:

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  13. 10th June 2009 
    2:32 am         

    said the following:


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