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Shadowgrounds – Download

16 Jun 2012 | Action, PC |  0 comments
Shadowgrounds Shadowgrounds – Overview
Title: Shadowgrounds
Genre: Action
Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Frozenbyte
Release Date: 8 May 2006
Metascore: 74/100

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Shadowgrounds – Title Menu!
From the title menu it seems like some kind of mechanic is repair some kind of vehicle?

Shadowgrounds – Loading!
The loading screen has some info about what goes on in the current mission objective.

Shadowgrounds – Action!
Grab a pulse rifle and start shooting at them ferocious brutal alien creatures!

Shadowgrounds – Guns?
That big brute alien is walking with two legs while both its arms are augmented with guns?

Shadowgrounds – Death?
If your health gets reduced to zero you are dead. You have limited respawns though.

Shadowgrounds – Message?
As you make progress you will encounter computer terminals in the game with messages.

Shadowgrounds – Sentry?
After killing some monsters this bald guy here introduces you to the sentry gun.

Shadowgrounds – Map!
Besides showing the map the mission objectives are also shown on the left side.

Shadowgrounds – Upgrades!
Collect the stuff that dead alien drops behind and use them for various upgrades! Stronger!

Shadowgrounds – Carnage!
Gut every hostile alien out there and emerge victorious! So much blood on the ground!

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