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Sea Of Fire – Download

22 Aug 2009 | Flash, Strategy |  15 comments
Sea Of Fire Sea Of Fire – Flash Games Download – Overview
Construct barracks, recruit riflemen, bazooka troopers, snipers and many more in this Sea Of Fire strategy flash game in which you must recruit various infantries and weapons of war to crush your enemies and claim victory for yourself. Are you eager to recruit various units of war for battle already?

Download Sea Of Fire (File Size ~ 1.22 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: sea-of-fire.zip

Sea Of Fire – Title Menu
Sea Of Fire
A rather bland and simple looking title menu. Some old flash games do not have fancy menus.

Sea Of Fire – Map!
Sea Of Fire
See map. Now find a region that can be attacked. Click that region to commence the attack.

Sea Of Fire – Action!
Sea Of Fire
Combat is just simple, click the unit icons to recruit them and off they go into the battlefield!

Sea Of Fire – Victory!
Sea Of Fire
Continuously swarm your enemy’s base with units and they will succumb eventually.

Sea Of Fire – Tank!
Sea Of Fire
Somehow, the enemies will have access to tanks before you do. Just blow them up.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics and game play. Kinda feels like a grind as you need to keep on producing units in order to overwhelm the enemy forces and destroy their base.

Deimos Asks
Do you like war inspired games, movies, stories, etc? Yes? No? Why?


  1. 24th August 2009 
    7:05 pm         

    said the following:

    looka like the game City Invasion..looks like a really fun game 😀

  2. 24th August 2009 
    9:14 pm         

    said the following:

    Yes it’s a funny game.

  3. 24th August 2009 
    9:24 pm         

    used tires
    said the following:

    As far as your question… Humm it depends on the game, I do like Starcraft alot! But… then again Starcraft is a fictional war, hehe.

    Till then,


  4. 24th August 2009 
    10:12 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Yes, I love war related stories, films, narrations etc. My family has had many soldiers in the past and the kind of experiences soldiers go through is not comparable to anything in civil life.

  5. 24th August 2009 
    10:51 pm         

    said the following:

    Wow, nice game, i love RTS games like this.

  6. 25th August 2009 
    5:45 am         

    Love Graphics
    said the following:

    Yea I love Starcraft too, looking forward to the new one. Is it out yet? I miss the good old days of the RTS.

  7. 25th August 2009 
    6:54 am         

    used tires
    said the following:

    Just curious…. had to ask a follow up question…. Ahkong have you ever played Starcraft? And what are your thoughts on it if you have?

    Till then,


  8. 25th August 2009 
    12:17 pm         

    Cheap conveyancing
    said the following:

    Its seems like a battle with enemy. Such a nice game.

  9. 26th August 2009 
    12:30 am         

    Commission Blueprint 2
    said the following:

    It’s quite similar to City Invasion, I love it 😀

  10. 27th August 2009 
    4:29 am         

    said the following:

    Hi, Yes I certainly love war related stories, films, narrations etc. My family has had many soldiers in the past and the kind of experiences soldiers go through is not comparable to anything in civil life.

  11. 1st September 2009 
    3:09 pm         

    Free mp3
    said the following:

    I like military strategy, I like to control the soldiers, I think this game is for me.

  12. 2nd September 2009 
    4:03 am         

    said the following:

    Sounds very interesting.. great post, thanks

  13. 10th September 2009 
    11:12 am         

    social phobia
    said the following:

    It’s been a while since I’ve played a good RTS game. Is this one any good?

    Ya know what, I’ll just go ahead and download it. 😛

  14. 20th December 2009 
    11:46 am         

    said the following:

    Im dont love this game because graphich very low