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Rodent Tree Jump – Download

5 Apr 2009 | Flash, Skill |  9 comments
Rodent Tree Jump Rodent Tree Jump – Flash Game Downloads – Overview
In this Rodent Tree Jump skill flash game, you control some sort of squirrel, or simply a rodent, competing against three (3) other rodents by dropping down from the tree onto a jump pad, attempting to land as close to the designated drop zone as possible. Ready to tree jump as a rodent?

Download Rodent Tree Jump (File Size ~ 727.85 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: rodent-tree-jump.zip

Rodent Tree Jump – Title Menu
Rodent Tree Jump
Rodent, a tree and a wild boar. A menu with animals in it. Click start game to proceed.

Rodent Tree Jump – Tutorial
Rodent Tree Jump
Dunno how to play this game? Not to worry as the tutorial messages will guide you.

Rodent Tree Jump – Action!
Rodent Tree Jump
Well, not exactly action yet as you need to determine the angle and force of the jump.

Rodent Tree Jump – Jumped!
Rodent Tree Jump
Upon setting an angle and force, click to jump and see if you land close to the target.

Rodent Tree Jump – League
Rodent Tree Jump
A total of six (6) leagues, or simply six (6) levels that you must beat to finish this game.

Rodent Tree Jump – Pig!
Rodent Tree Jump
No, you don’t get extra points for jumping into the pig … er … wild boar. Jump over it!

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple, cute and suitable graphics. Simple but innovative yet fun game play. A nice skill flash game for those who love angles, force of velocity and animals. Reminds Deimos of GunBound.

Deimos Asks
Heard or played GunBound before? Does this game reminds you of that game?


  1. 6th April 2009 
    5:24 pm         

    said the following:

    I would prefer a bull instead of a rodent, but it’s OK anyway 😆

  2. 6th April 2009 
    10:38 pm         

    said the following:

    I don’t know, the game looks kind of boring. Still, the one animal looks like Pumba from Lion King lol

  3. 6th April 2009 
    10:58 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    You are so right. This is too simple.

  4. 6th April 2009 
    11:50 pm         

    Funny Stuff
    said the following:


    I believe that is Pumba, I guess he’s taking a break from his movie. 😛

  5. 8th April 2009 
    3:34 am         

    said the following:

    Too bad you can’t miss aim and fall on your head that would be comical!

  6. 8th April 2009 
    4:52 pm         

    said the following:

    Looks funny and interesting game.

  7. 14th April 2009 
    8:10 pm         

    AdSense Hacking Tutorial
    said the following:

    i played the game couple of times. it was cute!

  8. 15th April 2009 
    4:38 pm         

    said the following:

    I like the game,the characters are pretty nice,It may be enjoyable.

  9. 18th April 2009 
    2:12 pm         

    said the following:

    i always like to play the games where there’s no blood..thanx