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Ricochet Kills 3 – Download

15 May 2012 | Flash, Skill |  4 comments
Ricochet Kills 3 Ricochet Kills 3 – Flash Games Download – Overview
Ricochet Kills 3 is the latest installment to the Ricochet Kills series with the original being Ricochet Kills followed by players pack and sequels Ricochet Kills: Players Pack, Ricochet Kills 2 and Ricochet Kills 2 Players Pack as well. Continue to kill lots of stationary people with a few ricocheting bullets!

Download Ricochet Kills 3 (File Size ~ 3.42 MB)
Download the ZIP archive ricochet-kills-3.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | BADONGO | NowDownload | ifile.it | GameFront ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Title Menu!
Ricochet Kills 3
This time the title menu looks kinda dark and reddish but overall still simple and plain.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Levels!
Ricochet Kills 3
Seventy levels now instead of eighty in Ricochet Kills 2 Players Pack. Still a large amount.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Ready?
Ricochet Kills 3
The levels have more detail now, especially the background image. Nice new feature!

Ricochet Kills 3 – Action!
Ricochet Kills 3
As usual you have a limited amount of shots to clear this level. Only four shots left now.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Background?
Ricochet Kills 3
It seems like the background is still the same. Is it the same for all eighty levels or?

Ricochet Kills 3 – Boom!
Ricochet Kills 3
The exploding barrels are back with a blast as usual sending people flying here and there.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Boom?
Ricochet Kills 3
So the background image did change after three levels. Thank goodness. Else it be boring.

Ricochet Kills 3 – Achievements?
Ricochet Kills 3
The achievements menu sure look very plain and simple with no icons and all. So plain!


  1. 18th May 2012 
    12:27 pm         

    said the following:

    can you share paladog?

  2. 21st May 2012 
    2:48 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    I would like to do that too but Paladog cannot be played offline.

  3. 23rd May 2012 
    10:54 pm         

    said the following:

    I can’t Download it buddy, give me some tip please

  4. 11th July 2012 
    10:47 am         

    said the following:

    hey can u try to get bloons tower defense 5 plz