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Rescue Panic – Download

2 Apr 2013 | Flash, Skill |  1 comment
Rescue Panic Rescue Panic – Flash Games Download – Overview
Drive an ambulance around fetching people back to the hospital in this Rescue Panic skill flash game which kinda feels like Grand Theft Auto one and two minus the car hijacking part since you can drive the ambulance van over anyone on the road as well, effectively turning them into road kill.

Download Rescue Panic (File Size ~ 3.85 MB)
Download the ZIP archive rescue-panic.zip from :
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Rescue Panic – Title Menu!
Rescue Panic
Medic symbols and is that a finish line symbol? What does this mean? Car racing related?

Rescue Panic – Tutorial! 
Rescue Panic
You need to hold down the W key to drive forward while AD is for turning and S is to brake and reverse the ambulance. Though WAD is usually enough.

Rescue Panic – Upgrades! 
Rescue Panic
Complete missions to earn monies and spend them on various ambulance upgrades!

Rescue Panic – Mission!
Rescue Panic
The first mission at the top is actually about saving some unicorn. Not the unfortunate citizen who was impaled by the unicorn.

Rescue Panic – Nurse? 
Rescue Panic
Save up enough monies and you might be able to afford to hire some nurse or doctors to help you out. Nurse Heaven does not seems to be a real nurse though.

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  1. 3rd May 2013 
    8:29 pm         

    said the following:

    One of the guy in the main menu background looks like a Stereotypical Maduran