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Rage! – Download

27 Dec 2008 | Action, Flash |  2 comments
Rage! Rage! – Download – Overview
Do you like stick men? Do you like to watch stick men being beaten up with blood flying all over the place? Do you like to play the role of an angry stick man with the ability to beat up other stick men into a bloody pulp? Said yes to all of the above? Time to check out this Rage! action flash game!

Download Rage! (File Size ~ 3.78 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: rage.zip

Rage! – Title Menu
A rather colorful looking title menu with lots of buttons to choose and click from.

Rage! – Tutorial
First time player? Check out the tutorial and learn to play the game in no time!

Rage! – Shop
It seems that you can collect coins in game and then use them to buy new weapons in here.

Rage! – Adventure!
Adventure mode is sort of like a campaign mode or something with four (4) worlds.

Rage! – Action!
Them stick men all look very alike, how do you differentiate them from one another?

Rage! – Rage!
Okay, so the stick man that you are using will crackle with energy once your rage meter fills up. Upon seeing this, does it reminds you of a certain manga or anime?

Rage! – Kamehameha!
Kamehameha, anyone? Oh, you can collect the green orbs to  heal yourself.

Rage! – Weapons
You will acquire various weapons along your journey of rage and can use them accordingly.

Rage! – Next Level
Smack them silly with the stick! A stick man being smacked by a stick, feels weird eh?

Rage! – Bang! Bang! You are not dead yet?
You can shoot them with guns too, but personally smacking them up feels better right?

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads for today.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Though this is an old game, it still plays out okay. Okay graphics, simple but effective game play. So it is true that game play is still the most important factor for games. Fancy graphics will become outdated eventually however game play will remain unchanged nevertheless.

Deimos Asks
Does this Rage! stick men beat up ’em brawler action flash game reminds you of something?


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