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Puzzle Quest 2 – Download

15 Apr 2012 | Casual, PC, RPG |  3 comments
Puzzle Quest 2 Puzzle Quest 2 – Overview
Title: Puzzle Quest 2
Genre: RPG, Casual
Developer: Infinite Interactive
Publisher: Namco Networks America, Inc.
Release Date: 13 Aug 2010
Metascore: 83/100

Buy and download Puzzle Quest 2 from Steam Store!

Puzzle Quest 2 – Title?
Puzzle Quest 2
No menu. Just a title screen. The hero selection menu is next after the title screen.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Hero?
Puzzle Quest 2
Choose an existing hero to continue your game or create a new one for a new game!

Puzzle Quest 2 – Hero!
Puzzle Quest 2
Choose from the eight heroes and start your journey in Puzzle Quest 2 already! Choose one!

Puzzle Quest 2 – Action?
Puzzle Quest 2
No more world map this time but instead third person isometric and from room to room.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Bird?
Puzzle Quest 2
Somehow a monster which looks like a rooster and lizard fused together is quite terrifying.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Combat!
Puzzle Quest 2
The combat playing field now has gauntlets in it to power up your melee attacks.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Spells!
Puzzle Quest 2
Organize your spells in the spell and determine what spells you want to bring into battle!

Puzzle Quest 2 – Inventory?
Puzzle Quest 2
Kill monsters, gain experience, level up, get more powerful gear. Do what heroes do!


  1. 17th April 2012 
    7:32 pm         

    said the following:

    SPEAK OF THE DEVIL !!!! OMG !! I just finished this game (on mobile) yesterday and now your promoting it Wow just wow…:3

  2. 21st April 2012 
    6:00 pm         

    said the following:


  3. 21st April 2012 
    6:01 pm         

    said the following:

    thanks yar

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