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Puzzle Pirates – Download

20 Nov 2011 | Adventure, Casual, Free, MMO, PC, Strategy |  1 comment
Puzzle Pirates Puzzle Pirates – Overview
Title: Puzzle Pirates
Genre: Free to Play, Adventure, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer, Casual
Developer: Three Rings
Publisher: Three Rings
Metascore: 78/100

Download Puzzle Pirates for free from Steam Store!

Puzzle Pirates – Title Menu?
Puzzle Pirates
If you are logging in for the first time you will need to create a new character!

Puzzle Pirates – Intro?
Puzzle Pirates
You can choose to take the guided tour or explore everything on your own!

Puzzle Pirates – Menu?
Puzzle Pirates
Just click on your character the next time you log in if you already has one.

Puzzle Pirates – News?
Puzzle Pirates
Upon logging in you will be shown the latest news and stuff of Puzzle Pirates!

Puzzle Pirates – Map!
Puzzle Pirates
If you are not out there doing puzzles then you are probably exploring this island!

Puzzle Pirates – Puzzles!
Puzzle Pirates
Start off the game by doing some ship duty puzzles! Click on one of them to begin yo!

Puzzle Pirates – Bilgin!
Puzzle Pirates
This Bilgin is kinda like bejeweled except you can only swap the pieces horizontally.

Puzzle Pirates – Paid!
Puzzle Pirates
If you keep playing for long enough you will earn some pieces of eight as payment!

Puzzle Pirates – Sail?
Puzzle Pirates
Pay attention to the instructions or else you may have a hard time with the puzzles!

Puzzle Pirates – Carpentry!
Puzzle Pirates
Solve this Tetris like puzzle game to help prevent the ship from sinking! Plug all those holes!

Puzzle Pirates – Rig!
Puzzle Pirates
This puzzle is kinda hard for Deimos. Perhaps Deimos is just not good at puzzle games.

Puzzle Pirates – Blacksmith? 
Puzzle Pirates
Hard! Perhaps Deimos need to read the instructions in detail before he starts playing!

Puzzle Pirates – House?
Puzzle Pirates
The house seems rather empty. Perhaps Deimos can buy some things to decorate it?

One Comment

  1. 22nd November 2011 
    9:31 am         

    Grey Crosshound
    said the following:

    Hey Deimos, thanks for the download man. Love the site by the way!

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