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Penguin Massacre – Download

8 Dec 2009 | Defense, Flash |  13 comments
Penguin Massacre Penguin Massacre – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of an armed penguin who must defend its igloo from various other invading penguins. Start off with a pistol, gun down the penguins as they march forwards the igloo. Kill penguins to earn money, buy bigger guns, recruit penguins for defense, etc. Eager to kill some penguins already?

Download Penguin Massacre (File Size ~ 3.84 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: penguin-massacre.zip

Penguin Massacre – Title Menu
Penguin Massacre
Penguins, guns and lots of blood. Now this certainly is a real massacre. Brutal, yeah!

Penguin Massacre – Action!
Penguin Massacre
Shoot the various other penguins that attempt to invade your igloo! Let no one pass!

Penguin Massacre – Shop!
Penguin Massacre
After a round of shooting penguins, you can visit the shop to buy guns, repair your base, recruit some penguins to help you out and all. Get the assault rifle as soon as possible.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple but nice and cute looking graphics. Simple controls and game play. Those who love penguins may not like this game very much. Heck, they probably hate such games.

Deimos Asks
If you live in somewhere cold, would you keep a penguin as a pet if given the chance?


  1. 8th December 2009 
    3:07 pm         

    said the following:

    Hey . My Brother very love this game. I am downloading its now.
    Thanks Very much

  2. 8th December 2009 
    8:11 pm         

    free beats
    said the following:

    my sister love this game.. thank you

  3. 8th December 2009 
    8:23 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Sure, I would like to keep a penguin as a pet. The problem is more likely for the Penguin to accept me!

  4. 8th December 2009 
    11:32 pm         

    said the following:

    That is really great. thanks

  5. 9th December 2009 
    2:43 am         

    Metal Briefcases
    said the following:

    I like penguins, but I think this game would still be a lot of fun.

  6. 9th December 2009 
    4:51 am         

    Web Design
    said the following:

    There is some merit in this game for those people who are Linux afficionadoes. The programmer must have had enough of the cute little Linux penguin and turned him into a real baaaad penguin, with quite a comprehensive arsenal to boot!

  7. 10th December 2009 
    3:33 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Have lots of fun with it yar! 😀

    @free beats:
    Thanks for the feedback yo! 🙂

    @Nicole Price:
    True also. Penguins are not exactly very domestic animals. 😐

    Thanks for the feedback! 😀

    @Metal Briefcases
    Well, it is quite simple though. Just point and shoot! 😀

    @Web Design:
    But it is penguin killing penguins! 😐
    Linux users killing Linux users? 😐

  8. 10th December 2009 
    4:31 pm         

    said the following:

    hi tank for falash game i live in the iran

  9. 10th December 2009 
    10:07 pm         

    Pes Patch
    said the following:

    hahaha so funny it has got ak 47 😀

  10. 11th December 2009 
    7:12 am         

    said the following:

    Haha this game is simple yet so entertaining. Might not work so well for those who love animals

  11. 21st December 2009 
    11:53 pm         

    Citroen C5 Review
    said the following:

    I like Penguins 🙂

    and this game looks well, i’ll try this

  12. 23rd December 2009 
    8:58 pm         

    PS3 Fan
    said the following:

    It’s a very colourful game and it doesn’t take much time to learn how to play it

  13. 6th January 2013 
    4:33 am         

    said the following:

    download file was deleted by the user.