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Pandemic Boy – Download

7 Jun 2010 | Flash, Skill |  9 comments
Pandemic Boy Pandemic Boy – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Pandemic Boy skill flash game, you must spread virus around to infect and kill a number of people in order to proceed to the next level. Infection method is rather crude as you control a single character and spread the infection via coughing, vomiting or coconuts. Ready to infect and kill?

Download Pandemic Boy (File Size ~ 2.14 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
pandemic-boy.zip (MegaUpload)
pandemic-boy.zip (MediaFire)
pandemic-boy.zip (FileFront)

Note: Please do contact Deimos if there is an updated version of this game.

Pandemic Boy – Title Menu
Pandemic Boy
Title menu appears to be quite unorganized due to the non standard placement. Confusing.

Pandemic Boy – Instructions!
Pandemic Boy
Comprehensive instructions is available for those who like to read. Wall of text assault!

Pandemic Boy – Action!
Pandemic Boy
How many people can you infect and kill before your time runs out? Spread the infection yo!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics. Simple controls and challenging game play. Similar to Infectonator type skill flash games except this one is a bit harder as you need to infect people manually.

Deimos Asks
Played any Infectonator skill flash games before? Which one is better? Why?


  1. 9th June 2010 
    12:33 am         

    said the following:

    Completed the same in 25 minutes!!!! easy game……

  2. 27th July 2010 
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    said the following:

    No ways! Stop lying out of your ass.

  3. 30th July 2010 
    2:21 am         

    solar panel
    said the following:

    soo bloody.. I like it! My goal is to infect as much people as possible. haha

  4. 30th July 2010 
    3:15 pm         

    social media marketing
    said the following:

    I like to vomit on people. It’s more disgusting ahhaha

  5. 31st July 2010 
    8:36 pm         

    said the following:

    I finished the game in 20 mins! new record! 🙂

  6. 2nd August 2010 
    6:47 pm         

    skin care advisor
    said the following:

    great game!

  7. 5th August 2010 
    4:22 am         

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    said the following:

    Hahahaha, this one’s really funny 😀

  8. 6th August 2010 
    4:23 am         

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    said the following:

    This is disgusting, just the way I like it 😀

  9. 6th August 2010 
    11:52 pm         

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    said the following:

    I wish my son were here so we could play this together. I know he would love this.