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Mushroom Madness 2 – Download

4 Apr 2010 | Defense, Flash |  3 comments
Mushroom Madness 2 Mushroom Madness 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed swatting down hungry forest animals in the original Mushroom Madness defense flash game then you would probably be looking forward to the sequel – Mushroom Madness 2 defense flash games as you continue to kill hordes of hungry forest animals. Again, no real animals were harmed.

Download Mushroom Madness 2 (File Size ~ 6.03 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
mushroom-madness-2.zip (MediaFire)
mushroom-madness-2.zip (FileFront)

Mushroom Madness 2 – Title Menu
Mushroom Madness 2
Cute looking and colorful title menu. It seems like some new animals were introduced.

Mushroom Madness 2 – Action!
Mushroom Madness 2
Now you can buy new type of melee weapons! Shotguns were also introduced into the game.

Mushroom Madness 2 – Shop!
Mushroom Madness 2
As you progress more items in the shop would be unlocked and accessible.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice and cute graphics. Fluid animation. Simple controls and game play. The sequel comes loaded with additional new features to enhance the already fun game play.

Deimos Asks
Played the original Mushroom Madness before? Enjoyed it? Yes? No? Why?


  1. 6th April 2010 
    2:35 pm         

    said the following:

    Weirdd. But it’s a good Game

  2. 12th April 2010 
    1:15 am         

    said the following:

    You have the links mixed up media fire takes you to file front and file front takes you to media fire ^,^ so you should check into it ^.^

  3. 23rd December 2010 
    9:53 pm         

    Sherry Lu
    said the following:

    My 4 years kid and I love your mushroom! Blessing you a fully healthy and happy season!
    Sherry and Kid