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More than USD 7,000.00 to be won!

20 Apr 2008 | The Blogsphere |  9 comments

Marcus is hosting a contest, more than USD 7,000.00 is to be be won and Deimos wants to win some of the Beer Stock Pages that Max is sponsoring. Wanna win something?

Prizes Galore
Quite a number of goodies to be won, Deimos only wants some Beer Stock Pages though. On the other hand, if Deimos can’t win some Beer Stocks, USD50.00 Pay Pal money is good too.

Consultations, Products & Services

  • Max from SiteHoppin gives 10 Beer Stock Pages worth $20-$100 each = $200-$1,000 PLUS 50 One Buck Wiki pages worth $20 each = $1,000, altogether making it to a whopping $2,000!
  • Martin Russell from Word of Mouth Marketing gives 50 (!) accounts of 10 cards each at SendOutCards.com worth $25 each = $1,250!
  • Gary Evans from Law of Attraction Secrets gives 10 (!) of his Manifest A Miracle systems worth $97 each = $970!
  • Marcus Hochstadt from Internet Business Guide For First Class Progress gives respectively 1 of each of his 4 DVD products worth $100 each = $400 PLUS one 2-hour Multimedia Coaching Session worth $300, altogether making it to a $700!
  • Debbie Lane from Wisdom Hypnosis gives 7 of her Living The Lucky Life! audio CDs worth $23.77 each = $166.39 PLUS a personal 1.5 hour Hypnosis Session by phone worth $250, making it a total of $416.39!
  • Pat King from FitnessLifeClub gives 1 month of his Premier Health Coaching Package worth $357.98!
  • Keith Goodrum from On Becoming a 2%er gives 2 of his DVDs 10 Minute Blog Post worth $100 each = $200!
  • Andreas from XavierMedia.com gives 5 one-year VIP memberships to CreateBanner.com worth $35 each = $175!
  • Larry Brauner from Online Social Networking gives a personal 1 hour consultation worth $150!
  • Jason from The University Kid gives two 60 minute Blogging Consultations worth $60 each = $120!
  • Leisa Watkins from Dream Act Plan Believe gives 3 Robert G. Allan books that are personally signed by Robert (!), as well as 3 Richard Paul Evans books, also personally signed by Richard himself!
  • Karl Gechlik from Ask The Admin gives a professional technical e-mail support session worth $50!
  • Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives $50 in hard earned PayPal cash!
  • Borzack from Making Myself Extra Money gives 5 of his Page Peel Ads scripts worth $8 each = $40!
  • Stephan Miller from Stephan Miller gives one copy of Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate worth $29.95 PLUS a Special Report he wrote specifically for the person who wins this e-book!
  • Crystal from Ubiquitous gives a Site Review worth $20 PLUS a link on her Blogroll for one month worth $10, making it a total of $30!
  • Sam Freedom from Internet Marketing Controversy Blog gives a 2-month membership to a large Private Label Rights (”PLR”) membership site worth $30!
  • Kelly Naylor from Aerten Art gives one of her unique art work Acid Rain, an original water color painting worth $25!
  • Dwayne from Pro Blog Reviews gives a Blog Review worth $25!
  • Frank from Technology Blog and more gives a StumbleUpon advertisement campaign worth $20 (400 targeted visitors)!
  • Kacie from Sense to Save gives a StumbleUpon advertisement campaign worth $10 (200 targeted visitors)!
  • The Fool from Foolsville 2.0 gives $10 in hard earned PayPal cash!
  • Lightening from Lightening’s Blogworld gives 2 Blog Reviews worth $5 each = $10!
  • Constantin Codreanu from INconstantIN gives a one year .com domain registration worth $10!
  • Iris from thebuzz gives a link on her Blogroll for one month worth $10!
  • Layne from Reward Rebel gives 1 copy of Reward Rebel LOOT worth $7!
  • Fitz Villafuerte from Ready To Be Rich gives 2 stumbles & diggs per week for one month!
  • Theda K. Rogers from Crayon Writer gives a full-blown site review on her blog which will certainly increase the buzz for her winner’s blog!
  • Mert Erkal from Search For Blogging gives an Invitation to the May issue of www.bloghology.org, which has more than 3,000+ subscribers!
  • Alexys Fairfield from Soul Meets World offers to interview her winner (about his/her product, service, Web site, life, etc) PLUS providing a link from her site to his’/hers! (She used to interview celebrities, so this one is PRICELESS!)

Ad Space

  • KiwiPulse from KiwiPulse gives 3 x 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15 each = $45
  • Deimos Tel´Arin from ahkong.net gives a 468×60 top ad banner box for one month worth $36
  • Anna from My Cornerstone Trio gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
  • Turnip from Turnip of Power gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
  • Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives a top ad space (125×125 or 468×60) for one month worth up to $30
  • Caleb Hartley from environmentastic! gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Kathleen from Entrepreneurs Only gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Marty from Money Maker Times gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Constantin Codreanu from INconstantIN gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15
  • Mirjam from Me Myself and I gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10
  • Lee Doyle from Lee Doyle – Contains Nuts gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10

Entrecard Credits

What you have to do in order to win some of the above mentioned goodies
Deimos is feeling jaded today so he copied and pasted everything.

Here is how to enter the party contest and belong to the lucky winners…

  1. Subscribe to the Hochstadt.com Blog Announcement List (see the sign-up field in the top right hand corner of this page, right below my image? Yup, there it is.) Not only does it bring you 2 points but I may send you a cool gift when you do 🙂 – 2 Points
  2. Post a comment to this blog post – 1 Point (one point per person)
  3. Stumble and digg about this contest and fav me on Technorati – 1 Point respectively
  4. Use the below party contest image(s) on your site (linking to this party contest) – 2 Points
  5. Write about this blog and this Hochstadt.com Party Contest on your blog, linking to both this blog and the Hochstadt.com Party Contest. Use your own wording, one that fits to your audience. (It shall be easy because the above prizes fit to ALL audiences!) – 10 Points
  6. Write about this blog and this contest on your blog, AND link to ALL contributors (just like you see my list above including all the prizes) – 30 Points
  7. *PSSST* When you write about this contest on your blog it may be a good idea you indicate which of the above prizes you would like to win most. Perhaps Santa is listening and your wish comes true, who knows… 😉

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads, tagging someone to get them to participate in this contest perhaps.

Tagging: Kenny, xiaoyenzi, vickie, joshuaun and yung.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Beer Stocks … Must … get … more … Beer … Stocks! Or USD50.00 Pay Pal Cash.

Deimos Asks
Are you interested in participating in this contest? What do you want to win?


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  1. 20th April 2008 
    8:40 am         

    said the following:

    Oh, that’s cool. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for mentioning 😀

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  3. 20th April 2008 
    9:23 am         

    said the following:

    Hello Daimos, you have been tagged here: http://www.fatherlyours.com/?p=252

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  5. 20th April 2008 
    2:31 pm         

    said the following:

    The title really attract my attention! 😮
    But the process seem to be too long for me~~ ❗

  6. comment_type != "trackback" && $comment->comment_type != "pingback" && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content) && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content)) { ?>
  7. 20th April 2008 
    5:13 pm         

    said the following:

    Never had a good luck before in joining contest, I’ll check it out, maybe I’ll have it this time 😛

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  9. 20th April 2008 
    11:39 pm         

    said the following:

    Wah….so much money to give away? Really?

  10. comment_type != "trackback" && $comment->comment_type != "pingback" && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content) && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content)) { ?>
  11. 21st April 2008 
    2:43 am         

    Life on Mars
    said the following:

    OMG, such a huge list! 😕

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  13. 21st April 2008 
    2:44 am         

    Life on Mars
    said the following:

    Suddenly I found why there is no flag or England or UK? Others have their flags, no, unfair!

  14. comment_type != "trackback" && $comment->comment_type != "pingback" && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content) && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content)) { ?>
  15. 23rd April 2008 
    8:27 am         

    said the following:

    wah…. points system contest…..

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  17. 24th April 2008 
    4:07 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Try participating, you might win something! 😛


    Thanks for the link love? 😳


    Just copy and paste like what I did, short process. 😐


    Keep it simple, just copy and paste will suffice! 😯


    Not so much cash lah, the value of the prizes added up. :mrgreen:


    @Life on Mars:
    Huge list indeed. No idea why there is no flag for UK users. 😕


    I think each point equals one entry? Then lucky draw? 🙂