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Kingdom of Liars 2 – Download

20 May 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  0 comments
Kingdom of Liars 2 Kingdom of Liars 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
The story continues in this sequel – Kingdom of Liars 2 with the original being Kingdom of Liars 1 which was released back in August 2012 back then. This is a point and click adventure flash game so expect lots of exploring, finding items, talking to characters in order to progress further etc.

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Kingdom of Liars 2 – Title Menu!
Kingdom of Liars 2
Just like before the town itself is a maze. A huge labyrinth. Can get lost easily!

Kingdom of Liars 2 – Story!
Kingdom of Liars 2
In the previous game it seems like someone important was assassinated!

Kingdom of Liars 2 – Library?
Kingdom of Liars 2
This time you start off the game in the library of some kind of headquarters.

Kingdom of Liars 2 – Captain?
Kingdom of Liars 2
The captain from the previous game is still here giving you some orders no doubt.

Kingdom of Liars 2 – Barracks?
Kingdom of Liars 2
Not sure what to do in here. Perhaps need to get some important tools?

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