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Kid Launcher – Download

8 May 2010 | Flash, Skill |  11 comments
Kid Launcher Kid Launcher – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed “launching” or “throwing” skill flash games such as Homerun in Berzerk Land, Mad Karate Man, Shopping Cart Hero 2 or Toss The Turtle then you might wanna try out this Kid Launcher skill flash game too. Not as good as the rest but launching a kid into the air is certainly new!

Download Kid Launcher (File Size ~ 2.17 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
kid-launcher.zip (MediaFire)
kid-launcher.zip (FileFront)

Kid Launcher – Title Menu
Kid Launcher
A rather simple looking title menu. The bear kinda looks terrifying though. Poor kid.

Kid Launcher – Action!
Kid Launcher
Click once to set angle and click again to set launching strength. Simple controls.

Kid Launcher – Shop!
Kid Launcher
Simple shop too since everything is upgraded step by step. Too linear. Not much choices.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple graphics. Simple controls and game play. The funny concept makes this game fun perhaps. Maybe some players like to play simple games such as this one.

Deimos Asks
Which “launching” skill flash game is your favorite? Why?


  1. 10th May 2010 
    11:58 am         

    said the following:

    Poor kid….

  2. 10th May 2010 
    5:52 pm         

    The Man
    said the following:

    What a new idea!
    I think i’ll try it….

    C’mon , someone give a comment :-/

  3. 19th May 2010 
    11:24 pm         

    said the following:

    you couldn’t handle a comment

  4. 24th July 2010 
    11:09 pm         

    tracing phone
    said the following:

    This should be fun since i do enjoy the simpler games than the hard ones.

  5. 27th July 2010 
    8:07 pm         

    rapid life insurance
    said the following:

    After the kid gets launched. What happens after that?

  6. 30th July 2010 
    2:38 am         

    solar panel
    said the following:

    I wish there were much more choices in shop.

  7. 30th July 2010 
    7:56 pm         

    social media marketing
    said the following:

    There’s not much challenge in this game. It’s just funny, that’s it.

  8. 31st July 2010 
    3:24 am         

    home business jobs
    said the following:

    the fat boy is the cutest thing! Kinda looks like my nephew.

  9. 2nd August 2010 
    7:24 pm         

    skin care advisor
    said the following:

    The kid so cute 🙂

  10. 4th August 2010 
    4:11 pm         

    golf guide
    said the following:

    go fat boy! haha

  11. 7th August 2010 
    12:11 am         

    dating secrets for u
    said the following:

    hahaha.. my kid looks like that boy.