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Kamikaze Pigs – Download

5 Jul 2012 | Action, Flash |  Comments Off on Kamikaze Pigs – Download
Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs – Flash Games Download – Overview
Somehow in this Kamikaze Pigs action flash game you get to command pigs on planes to go kamikaze in order to collect a certain amount of stars in order to proceed to the next level. There is some kind of introductory comic strip in an attempt to portray some kind of background story though.

Download Kamikaze Pigs (File Size ~ 5.19 MB)
Download the ZIP archive kamikaze-pigs.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | BADONGO | NowDownload | GameFront ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Kamikaze Pigs – Title Menu!
Kamikaze Pigs
Just what kind of game is this? A game in which pigs kill themselves in battle? Really?

Kamikaze Pigs – Intro!
Kamikaze Pigs
The intro begins with some scientist pig explaining something to a military pig.

Kamikaze Pigs – Map!
Kamikaze Pigs
From the above map it seems like there are five different areas to clear. Just five?

Kamikaze Pigs – Action?
Kamikaze Pigs
It seems like you can detonate the ones flying above to target the ones on the ground.

Kamikaze Pigs – Boom!
Kamikaze Pigs
Click the ones flying above to send them crashing down killing the pigs below. Kamikaze!

Kamikaze Pigs – Upgrades!
Kamikaze Pigs
Collect stars from the levels and use them for various purchases to kamikaze better yo!

Kamikaze Pigs – Achievements!
Kamikaze Pigs
Nowadays a game is not complete if it does not have any achievements. Really? Is that so?

Kamikaze Pigs – Sky?
Kamikaze Pigs
No ground units here just a bunch of flying units. Kamikaze them and collect the stars!

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