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JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Download

11 Jun 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  0 comments
JUGGERNAUT: Awakening JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Flash Games Download – Overview
For a role playing adventure flash game this JUGGERNAUT: Awakening has rather simple graphics as well as animation. The combat feels slow paced and not fast enough. Although it may still be appealing to hardcore fans of role playing games that enjoy retro pixel style art though. Its adventure time!

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[ NowDownload | FileTrip | Game Front ]

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JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Title Menu!
The title menu sure is very white! Why is it so? Could be much better if not so bright white.

JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Intro!
Judging by the way the two of the talk it seems like they are under aged kids! Boys!

JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Map! 
More areas will be accessible via exploring! Still seems very small though.

JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Combat! 
Combat is turn based. The graphics and animation are not very impressive though.

JUGGERNAUT: Awakening – Stats! 
Being a role playing adventure game there will be lots of stats to keep track of!

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