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Jolly Rover – Download

22 Jan 2012 | Adventure, Casual, Indie, PC |  1 comment
Jolly Rover Jolly Rover – Overview
Title: Jolly Rover
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Brawsome
Publisher: Brawsome
Release Date: 8 Jun 2010
Metascore: 71/100

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Jolly Rover – Title Menu!
Jolly Rover
Jolly Rover is a point and click adventure flash game about dog pirates. Yes, dogs!

Jolly Rover – Kitchen?
Jolly Rover
You need to get the bottle of rum that dog is holding. Maybe opening the window will help.

Jolly Rover – Pete?
Jolly Rover
The current main quest is displayed at the top so you will know what to do at all times.

Jolly Rover – Escape!
Jolly Rover
Having captured by pirates by force it is only natural to want to escape from them.

Jolly Rover – Governor?
Jolly Rover
This dog is in cahoots with the pirates who stole your jolly rover rum! Bummer!

Jolly Rover – Fort?
Jolly Rover
The governor sure lives in a very larger fortress like building. Like a castle!

Jolly Rover – Inn!
Jolly Rover
Some how you need to visit the stumble inn to join some crew to work for monies.

Jolly Rover – Pirates!
Jolly Rover
In the end, you need to join back the pirate crew that you tried so hard to escape from.

Jolly Rover
Jolly Rover
So now you need to learn how to make some dish in order to join the pirate crew.

Jolly Rover – Beach!
Jolly Rover
The beach seems to be littered with various broken stuff lying all around. Why is that?

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