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Icy Gifts 2 – Download

14 Dec 2012 | Flash, Skill |  0 comments
Icy Gifts 2 Icy Gifts 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
Folks who enjoyed setting off chain reaction explosions in the original Icy Gifts skill flash game would get to do so again in the sequel – Icy Gifts 2 now requiring the players to set Santa free as well besides aiming to get as many chain reaction explosions as possible! Make explosions! Free Santa!

Download Icy Gifts 2 (File Size ~ 3.08 MB)
Download the ZIP archive icy-gifts-2.zip from :
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Icy Gifts 2 – Title Menu!
Icy Gifts 2
Brightly colorful and somewhat cute looking title menu. Is this a game for kids perhaps?

Icy Gifts 2 – Levels! 
Icy Gifts 2
A total of forty five levels of chain reaction explosions! Surely this amount is enough!

Icy Gifts 2 – Instructions! 
Icy Gifts 2
Basically Santa is stuck in some ice and it is up to you to make explosions and free Santa!

Icy Gifts 2 – Action! 
Icy Gifts 2
How come Santa does not get hurt from all those explosions blowing up nearby him?

Icy Gifts 2 – Upgrades! 
Icy Gifts 2
Collect the gift boxes from the levels and spend them on various upgrades! Better explosions?

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