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Humaliens Battle – Download

17 Feb 2011 | Flash, Strategy |  2 comments
Humaliens Battle Humaliens Battle – Flash Games Download – Overview
Command either the forces of humans or aliens in this Humaliens Battle and proceed to beat the living daylights out of the other. Recruit various humans or aliens units, buy various upgrades with points earned from winning battles to make your even army more powerful! Ready for battle?

Download Humaliens Battle (File Size ~ 7.64 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
humaliens-battle.zip (MegaUpload)
humaliens-battle.zip (MediaFire)
humaliens-battle.zip (GameFront)

Please contact Deimos if:
– one of the above download links is broken.
– there is an updated version of this game.

Humaliens Battle – Title Menu
Humaliens Battle
The battle of humans and the aliens. Who will you side with? The humans? Or the aliens?

Humaliens Battle – Upgrades!
Humaliens Battle
Earn points as you win battles and buy various upgrades to make your army stronger!

Humaliens Battle – Battle!
Humaliens Battle
Summon various units into the battle field to kill enemy units and destroy their base!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics. Simple control and standard side scrolling tug of war style real time strategy flash game. Nice little strategy game for those enjoy it.

Deimos Asks
Do you enjoy playing side scrolling tug of war style strategy flash games? Yes? No? Why?


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  1. 20th February 2011 
    7:12 pm         

    said the following:

    out of curiosity, is 140 flash games a lot? cus ive got about that many…..

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  3. 21st February 2011 
    1:32 pm         

    Humaliens Battle 2 – Download | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] Overview If you enjoyed sending either various humans or aliens units into battle in the original Humaliens Battle strategy flash game then perhaps you would be interested in playing the sequel – Humaliens […]