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Home coming Friday

21 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Friday, 21 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Woke up 8am something
– Holiday mode morning routine
– Packed up our belongings
– Got ready to head back home
– Catching 3pm coach back to Kuala Lumpur
– Decided to check out Raffles City Shopping Centre
– Darling wanted to see if the Robinsons there have the Benefits facial product for sale
– Reached Raffles City Shopping Centre
– Found Robinsons, but no Benefits
– Proceed to Bugis Junction
– Wanted to eat the ice cream again
– Accidentally, totally unintentionally pissed off Darling
– 90/10 Principle seems to kick in so she cooled down rather quickly
– Seems like I am able to better practice this principle if I immediately realize I am wrong
– Good for me and our relationship, I can actually somewhat control my emotions now
– Must keep it up, aye
– I played Time Crisis 4 in the arcade, thought I did not play it before
– Realized that I did play it before, in Genting Highlands, Darling also remembered -_-
– Walked around, browsed some shops at Bugis Junction
– Time for lunch, checked out the food junction at Bugis Junction
– Very impressive again, very huge, many stalls and plenty of people
– I had dried koay teoy while Darling tried out ginger fish rice
– Tasted quite good, the food courts in Singapore are definitely better than those in Malaysia
– Browsed around a bit again, proceed to go to Novena Square to board our coach
– Successfully reached our coach, we’re not late, good
– Coach departed and left for Singapore around 3:30pm something like that
– Uneventful journey back home to Kuala Lumpur
– It was almost 8:20pm something when we arrived at TV3 Station, behind One Utama
– Asked a taxi parked by the road side there
– No meter, RM20? WTF? We’ll pass, thank you
– Got into One Utama shopping centre via One World Hotel
– Asked some guards and found the Taxi Stand
– Hailed a taxi, got back home, RM8
– Dinner with Darling
– Evening routine
– Bed time at 11:30pm something
– Zzzzzzzzzz……….


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  1. 23rd December 2007 
    10:22 am         

    said the following:

    LOL I like how you say “Accidentally, totally unintentionally pissed off Darling” LOL

    Ok lar, absolutely, totally unpretentiously sincere 😉

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  3. 23rd December 2007 
    11:22 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Ah, “accidents” do happen from time to time. 😛
    I’m glad that I reacted accordingly at that time. 🙂