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Hobo 6 Hell – Download

26 Jul 2012 | Action, Flash |  1 comment
Hobo 6 Hell Hobo 6 Hell – Flash Games Download – Overview
The Hobo in the original Hobo Brawl and in sequels Hobo Prison Brawl, Hobo 3: Wanted, Hobo 4: Total War, Hobo 5 Space Brawls died when the alien space ship ran out of breathable oxygen. Somehow the Hobo ended up in hell and now the Hobo must keep on fighting until he can escape from hell!

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Hobo 6 Hell – Title Menu!
Hobo 6 Hell
The Hobo that beats up everyone and even aliens is now in hell for more beatings!

Hobo 6 Hell – Alien!
Hobo 6 Hell
Captured by aliens in the previous game the Hobo died due to lack of oxygen!

Hobo 6 Hell – Controls!
Hobo 6 Hell
Controls are still the same. Arrow keys to move while “A” to punch and “S” to kick.

Hobo 6 Hell – Action!
Hobo 6 Hell
Fight them with their own weapons! Pick up whips and whip them up real good yo!

Hobo 6 Hell – Combo?
Hobo 6 Hell
Just like in the previous Hobo games the Hobo will learn new moves as you progress.

Hobo 6 Hell – Combos!
Hobo 6 Hell
The Hobo sure learned a lot of different kind of foul attack moves through the years.

Hobo 6 Hell – Attack?
Hobo 6 Hell
Shooting out puke in front while blasting a stream of feces behind. Truly a filthy attack.

Hobo 6 Hell – Puke!
Hobo 6 Hell
Even them agents of hell cannot withstand the all powerful frontal puke stream of the Hobo!

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  1. 30th May 2013 
    11:23 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Sorry for the delay! I have updated the download links!