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Hitstick 5 – Download

4 Feb 2010 | Flash, Shooting |  6 comments
Hitstick 5 Hitstick 5 – Flash Games Download – Overview
This Hitstick 5 shooting flash game is the latest installment in the Hitstick series. So if you played the original Hitstick followed by sequels Hitstick 2, Hitstick 3 and Hitstick 4 you probably want to check out and play Hitstick 5 too. Better graphics, game engine, etc. More missions, more kills!

Download Hitstick 5 (File Size ~ 3.58 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: hitstick-5.zip

Hitstick 5 – Title Menu
Hitstick 5
A pistol in the title menu. Kinda makes it obvious that this is a shooting game.

Hitstick 5 – Guns!
Hitstick 5
Just like the previous Hitstick, you are able to choose two (2) guns to bring into a mission.

Hitstick 5 – Action!
Hitstick 5
How come so little blood when shot by a shotgun? His brains should splattered all over.

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics. Simple controls and game play. Made for the fans of the Hitstick series.

Deimos Asks
Played any Hitstick games before? Looking forward to the latest Hitstick?


  1. 5th February 2010 
    1:02 pm         

    said the following:

    can u upload swords and sandals please ?
    add my facebook above ^^

  2. 6th February 2010 
    10:56 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Only the demo for Swords and Sandals is free. You want that? 😐

  3. 9th February 2010 
    9:20 pm         

    said the following:

    gonna check it out 😮

  4. 19th February 2010 
    10:48 pm         

    said the following:

    LOL… I signed up for that Swords and Sandals website.
    Then I figured out S&S was the only thing they had that didnt suck. Ended up quitting a few months later because I didnt even want to visit them.
    Unlike this site 😉 keep it up, Deimos. Hitstick is not my favorite, but with the quantity of games here there is always something good.

  5. 28th February 2010 
    8:40 am         

    said the following:

    Hey Deimos
    I’m Edy from Brazil
    I really like this blog
    I downloaded lots of games from here
    Bring some RTS and Race games
    See ya

  6. 16th December 2011 
    3:17 pm         

    said the following:

    Hey Deimos
    I like this blog very much..!!
    Can you upload more cool flash games ??