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Heat Rush – Download

29 Nov 2012 | Action, Flash |  0 comments
Heat Rush Heat Rush – Flash Games Download – Overview
Drive a car, reach check points to extend the time, drive fast enough to activate the turbo boost, complete racing stages to unlock additional stages, complete achievements to unlock upgrades etc. All in a days work in this Heat Rush check point car racing action flash game. Get those check points!

Download Heat Rush (File Size ~ 4.05 MB)
Download the ZIP archive heat-rush.zip from :
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Heat Rush – Title Menu! 
Heat Rush
Them colors look kinda bland and simple. Must be an old game or something like that.

Heat Rush – Instructions! 
Heat Rush
Blah blah blah reach the check point blah blah blah turbo for speed boost blah blah blah.

Heat Rush – Stage?
Heat Rush
Only ten (10) stages? A rather short little check point car racing game this is.

Heat Rush – Turbo! 
Heat Rush
For some reason if you drive really fast enough you can activate some kind of turbo boost!

Heat Rush – Upgrades?
Heat Rush
Upgrades will only be unlocked if you somehow managed to complete the achievements!

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