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GundeadliGne – Download

1 Jul 2012 | Action, Adventure, Indie, PC |  0 comments
GundeadliGne GundeadliGne – Overview
Title: GundeadliGne
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Platine Dispositif
Publisher: Rockin’ Android
Release Date: 28 Sep 2011
Metascore: N/A

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GundeadliGne – Title Menu!
This time the title screen and main menu are combined together. No more separate yo!

GundeadliGne – Join?
Push button to join? This so feels like playing some coin operated arcade game or something.

GundeadliGne – Story!
Long wall of text assault once more. This is the second game in the Gundemonium series.

GundeadliGne – Action!
This girl attacks by shooting a massive beam of destruction! Real massive beam cannon yo!

GundeadliGne – Continue?
Either this game is harder or Deimos simply is terrible at them bullet hell games.

GundeadliGne – Boss?
It seems like that girl is topless not wearing any shirts? So sexy and daring! Sexy! Daring!

GundeadliGne – Boss!
Though the boss may be topless and sexy her attacks seems quite powerful though still.

GundeadliGne – Green?
Upon destroying the boss she bursts into lots and lots of tiny green pieces. So green!

GundeadliGne – Story!
Once again be assaulted by long walls of text. Good for them who loves reading yo!

GundeadliGne – Girls!
How come only girls? Where are the boys? Boys are in the kitchen making sandwiches?

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