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Greedy Ghouls – Download

24 Feb 2012 | Action, Flash |  Comments Off on Greedy Ghouls – Download
Greedy Ghouls Greedy Ghouls – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Greedy Ghouls action flash game you kill ghouls over and over again until the required amount of kills is reached in order to beat this game while performing many various tasks in the process. Kill ghouls to earn monies to upgrade your weapon, build turrets. Collect rings for windfall mode!

Download Greedy Ghouls (File Size ~ 2.23 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
greedy-ghouls.zip (MediaFire)
greedy-ghouls.zip (GameFront)

Please contact Deimos if:
– one of the above download links is broken.
– there is an updated version of this game.

Greedy Ghouls – Title Menu!
Greedy Ghouls
The title menu kinda already previews how the actual game play looks like.

Greedy Ghouls – Tutorial!
Greedy Ghouls
The tutorial messages will show up for the first time when you start a new game.

Greedy Ghouls – Action!
Greedy Ghouls
Kill ghouls and try to complete the tasks given as shown below on the bottom right corner.

Greedy Ghouls – Attempts?
Greedy Ghouls
You will be attempting a lot of times before you can reach enough kills to end the game.

Greedy Ghouls – Wind?
Greedy Ghouls
Collect rings to activate windfall mode which allows you to earn more monies from kills!

Greedy Ghouls – Red?
Greedy Ghouls
The whole screen will flash red if you got hurt by them ghouls. Just for a bit though.

Greedy Ghouls – Task?
Greedy Ghouls
As the task level gets higher the tasks involve gets more challenging too. No easy feat yo!

Greedy Ghouls – Turret?
Greedy Ghouls
Build turrets to help out with the ghoul killing tasks even faster! Freeze them, fire them etc.

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