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Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Download

3 Jun 2013 | Flash, Skill |  0 comments
Gibbets 2 Level Pack Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Flash Games Download – Overview
The arrow shooting to save hanged people skill flash games series – Gibbets with the original being Gibbets followed by sequels Gibbets 2Gibbets 3 actually have a level pack in between the second and third game which is this Gibbets 2 Level Pack. Lots of levels to clear for those archery lovers!

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Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Title Menu!
Gibbets 2 Level Pack
The vulture is standing there. Why is it standing there? To feed off those who died?

Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Level! 
Gibbets 2 Level Pack
Twenty four levels on the first page and another twenty four levels on the second page!

Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Action!
Gibbets 2 Level Pack
What vulture? There are no vultures in here. That person must be hallucinating!

Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Fail! 
Gibbets 2 Level Pack
Shoot the ropes! Surprisingly they can take quite a number of arrows to the head!

Gibbets 2 Level Pack – Triple? 
Gibbets 2 Level Pack
Sometimes you can shoot through multiple ropes for a much higher score! Do it! Shoot!

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