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Geoffrey’s Quest – Download

22 Jan 2009 | Adventure, Flash |  2 comments
Geoffrey's Quest Geoffrey’s Quest – Download – Overview
In this Geoffrey’s Quest point and click adventure flash game, you play the role of Geoffrey, who went on a camping trip on an island with his girl friend Jen and end up losing Jen to some unknown abductors. Help Geoffrey locate Jen and escape this treacherous island!

Download Geoffrey’s Quest (File Size ~ 3.41 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: geoffreys-quest.zip

Geoffrey’s Quest – Pre Loader
Geoffrey's Quest
This is the pre loading screen. Click play to see the intro text.

Geoffrey’s Quest – Introduction
Geoffrey's Quest
Why visit some strange looking island when you can have fun in the cabin?

Geoffrey’s Quest – Introduction
Geoffrey's Quest
Bad move, Geoffrey. Now Jen is kidnapped and you need to rescue her.

Geoffrey’s Quest – Title Menu
Geoffrey's Quest
A simple menu, last two (2) buttons will not work in offline mode.

Geoffrey’s Quest – Instructions
Geoffrey's Quest
A point and click adventure game, click and hold for more information.

Geoffrey’s Quest – Action!
Geoffrey's Quest
Start clicking! Mouse over click-able objects to check the descriptions and all.

Geoffrey’s Quest – Found something!
Geoffrey's Quest
Good! So you found a pair of gloves, what to do with them next?

Geoffrey’s Quest – Cold water?
Geoffrey's Quest
Gloves? Water? Perhaps there is something in the water that you can use?

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Deimos’s Thoughts
So so graphics, an okay point and click adventure flash game. Not a happy ending but it is fitting given the theme and plot. Could benefit from a sequel with better graphics.

Deimos Ask
What would you do if you were knocked out and your partner is kidnapped?


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  1. 22nd January 2009 
    9:51 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Thank you for the recommendation. I really appreciate it. I am a girl, who will abduct my partner? I am afraid that it will be the other way around!

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  3. 23rd January 2009 
    11:27 am         

    Geoffrey’s Quest - Walkthrough | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] Quest – Walkthrough – Overview A Geoffrey’s Quest walkthrough, for those who do not know how to beat Geoffrey’s Quest and would like to refer […]