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Freeway Fury 3 – Download

16 Oct 2014 | Action, Flash |  2 comments
Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 – Flash Games Download – Overview
The leaping from car to car action flash game began with the original Freeway Fury followed by sequel Freeway Fury 2 has now a third game in the series – Freeway Fury 3. This time they have a large breast news anchor in the introduction although the skin seems to be too palely white.

Download Links
Download the .zip file from:
[ Google Drive ]

How to download from Google Drive
How to download from Google Drive
Click the download icon at the top right corner to start the download.

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Freeway Fury 3 – Main Menu!
Freeway Fury 3
The main menu does look quite spectacular with fighter jets and alien spaceships.

Freeway Fury 3 – Introduction!
Freeway Fury 3
The skin tone of this new anchor does seems very palely white. Like a vampire?

Freeway Fury 3 – Breasts!
Freeway Fury 3
Somehow this sudden movement by her caused some really suggestive posture.

Freeway Fury 3 – Controls!
Freeway Fury 3
Hold down the Z key and time will slow down allowing you to make incredible jumps.

Freeway Fury 3 – Jump!
Freeway Fury 3
This jump looks a bit longer than usual. Is he going to make it? Does not seems so.

Freeway Fury 3 – Dead!
Freeway Fury 3
Yup! That jump was far too long. Try a shorter distance next time! Jump safely!

Freeway Fury 3 – Fury!
Freeway Fury 3
As the fury bar fills up you can Nitro faster, jump further and even last minute jumps!

Freeway Fury 3 – Jump?
Freeway Fury 3
That is a jump to no where and will end with a big splat onto the hard floor. Death awaits!

Unpack the .zip file and run the .html file with a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc) to play the above mentioned flash game.

Flash Game Authorship Disclaimer
Please take note that I did not make the above mentioned flash game. The above mentioned flash game is made by other people and not me. I only downloaded the .swf file off some flash games portals and then repackaged the .swf file together with a .html file into a .zip file. In other words I only did some repackaging of the .swf files.


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