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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Download

26 Aug 2009 | Adventure, Flash |  20 comments
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed the original Epic Battle Fantasy then you probably would be interested in the sequel – Epic Battle Fantasy 2. Continue to kill waves after waves of various monsters, leveling up and becoming much more stronger as you complete a wave. Ready for an epic battle fantasy once again?

Download Links
Download the .zip file from:
[ Google Drive ]

How to download from Google Drive
How to download from Google Drive
Click the download icon at the top right corner to start the download.

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Title Menu
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Bright looking title menu. Some buttons do not work in the offline version.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Art Gallery!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Do check out the art gallery for some excellent art work of Epic Battle Fantasy yo!

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Introduction!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
It seems like things did not go too well in the original Epic Battle Fantasy.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Action!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Like the original Epic Battle Fantasy, you have an arsenal of unique attacks at your disposal.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 – Wave Complete!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
This time, you can upgrade yourself upon completing a wave. Become stronger yo!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics plus  simple and fun game play makes this a fun to play nice game. Much better now as you can upgrade your characters as you complete each wave.

Deimos Asks
Played the original Epic Battle Fantasy before? Enjoyed it? Yes? No? Why?

Unpack the .zip file and run the .html file with a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) to play the above mentioned flash game.

Flash Game Authorship Disclaimer
Please take note that I did not make the above mentioned flash game. The above mentioned flash game is made by other people and not me. I only downloaded the .swf file off some flash games portals and then repackaged the .swf file together with a .html file into a .zip file. In other words I only did some repackaging of the .swf files.


  1. 26th August 2009 
    4:31 pm         

    said the following:

    lol, 1st comment. i really enjoyed the 1st. i sucked tho. This ones a lot more interesting. i died at the big robot boss. TT.TT

  2. 26th August 2009 
    5:55 pm         

    Love Graphics
    said the following:

    I did not have a chance to try the first Epic Battle Fantasy, but this one looks pretty cool.

  3. 27th August 2009 
    6:51 am         

    said the following:

    I have tryed the first one and disliked it! i found it… quite “fake” i will not get this one because of the poor first one.

  4. 27th August 2009 
    7:38 am         

    used tires
    said the following:

    I’ve never played the first version, looks like I will need to play that before I get into the second version =D I like that second photo though! =D

    Till then,


  5. 27th August 2009 
    10:09 am         

    said the following:

    it looks very cool and beautiful. just like a cartoon . if i have lot time or i still a child now. i will try it…

  6. 27th August 2009 
    12:46 pm         

    cheap conveyencing
    said the following:

    It such a nice sequel of epic fantacy game.

  7. 27th August 2009 
    5:15 pm         

    chanel bags
    said the following:

    It sounds funny and interesting.I have a friend who are in love with the games very much.I will spread the site to him.

  8. 27th August 2009 
    8:11 pm         

    Foto Video Nunti
    said the following:

    Although i didnt try first part i will try this one to see how it is. Anyway sounds good so what do i have to lose

  9. 27th August 2009 
    10:34 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Yes, it is a lot of fun playing this game as one can keep upgrading as one goes along.

  10. 28th August 2009 
    2:13 pm         

    Akkish Thomas
    said the following:

    good coment and it is nice game and i like it hai thanks for this game

  11. 28th August 2009 
    2:13 pm         

    Akkish Thomas
    said the following:


  12. 1st September 2009 
    2:57 pm         

    said the following:

    This game looks like a cartoon, it immediately reminds me childhood….

  13. 7th April 2010 
    11:05 am         

    said the following:

    Thank you for your work!

  14. 29th September 2010 
    9:59 pm         

    said the following:


  15. 6th December 2010 
    4:08 am         

    said the following:

    good game, played both

  16. 25th August 2011 
    4:13 am         

    said the following:

    hey I hav Flashoffliner if you want to play the game 😀

  17. 7th December 2011 
    7:30 pm         

    said the following:


  18. 4th January 2016 
    7:05 pm         

    said the following:


  19. 3rd November 2016 
    3:26 am         

    Nikola Jaric
    said the following:

    The link is broken! Please fix! Also, the links on the 1st and 3rd are broken, too. PLEASE FIX THIS I NEED TO PLAY THEM! Also, the developer updated the 3rd one, just so you know.

  20. 13th April 2017 
    1:07 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Broken download link removed and replaced with Google Drive download link.