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Don’t Escape – Download

16 Jun 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  Comments Off on Don’t Escape – Download
Don't Escape Don’t Escape – Flash Games Download – Overview
This Don’t Escape is a point and click adventure flash game in which you must not escape from a house which is contrary to all those escape games. Play the role of some werewolf who will transform tonight. He must find means to lock himself and not go out on a murderous rampage this night!

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Don’t Escape – Title Menu! 
Don't Escape
So dark! Unable to see much. Must turn on the brightness even more to see anything!

Don’t Escape – Intro! 
Don't Escape
So you are a werewolf and tonight you must not escape by whatever means necessary!

Don’t Escape – Door? 
Don't Escape
A door! Just locking it and bolting it down with the shelf is not enough! Need more!

Don’t Escape – Finish? 
Don't Escape
You can end the game right away if you do not feel like wanting to lock yourself down.

Don’t Escape – Results!
Don't Escape
If you did not do anything you will go out and kill a lot of people only to be killed by monster hunters in the end. Worst ending ever possible.

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