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Deadly Venom – Download

18 Mar 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  Comments Off on Deadly Venom – Download
Deadly Venom Deadly Venom – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of some secret stealth agent with a pair of really huge jugs in this Deadly Venom point and click adventure flash game with a bit of button mashing thrown in. Well, the button mashing part only applies when you try to snap guards’ necks. Got some first person knife throwing action too.

Download Deadly Venom (File Size ~ 1.96 MB)
Download the ZIP archive deadly-venom.zip from :
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Deadly Venom – Title Menu!
Deadly Venom
That sure is a mighty huge pair of jugs. Probably the main attraction of this game too.

Deadly Venom – Tutorial? 
Deadly Venom
Various tutorial messages will appear teaching you the basics. Now go twist his head yo!

Deadly Venom – Hack?
Deadly Venom
Hacking is very easy. Just hold down the space bar and wait until it is finished. No challenge!

Deadly Venom – Snap!
Deadly Venom
Mash the correct WASD keys or else the guard will mash you up instead.

Deadly Venom – Knives?
Deadly Venom
Throwing knives will have to be found first before you can use them. Remember to throw when them guards are not looking or else face perforation by bullets!

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