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Dead Island – Download

26 Nov 2011 | Action, PC, RPG |  4 comments
Dead Island Dead Island – Overview
Title: Dead Island
Genre: RPG, Action
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: 9 Sep 2011
Metascore: 80/100

Buy and download Dead Island from Steam Store!

Dead Island – Title!
Dead Island
Just a big title, no main menu yet. Press any key to access the main menu.

Dead Island – Menu!
Dead Island
If you have already started to play the game click continue to resume your game yo!

Dead Island – Play?
Dead Island
If you click play then you can choose which character to play and continue the game.

Dead Island – Character!
Dead Island
If you choose to start a new game you must choose one of the four playable characters!

Dead Island – Xian!
Dead Island
Xian is a police women from Hong Kong and she specializes in sharp weapons! Slice and dice!

Dead Island – Sinamol?
Dead Island
This guy here is one of the survivors that you will encounter early on. Help him out yo!

Dead Island – Quest!
Dead Island
Accept and complete various quests to gain experience points to level up your character!

Dead Island – Walker!
Dead Island
Since this is an island resorts zombies in bikini are not exactly a rare sight to behold.

Dead Island – Dead!
Dead Island
For a zombie survival game it can get quite bloody and gory depending on how you play.

Dead Island – Kick!
Dead Island
Give them a good kick to stop them zombies from charging at you or else you will get hurt!

Dead Island – Stomp?
Dead Island
If the zombies are on the ground and you have the skills you can stomp their heads!

Dead Island – Stomped!
Dead Island
Stomping on their head while they are on the floor will kill them instantly. Insta gib yo!


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    said the following:


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  5. 10th May 2012 
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    said the following:

    i just want to down load

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  7. 24th July 2012 
    9:12 pm         

    said the following:

    *stares at dead mutilated zombie picture*
    Never seen something so bloody like this before…
    Nice one!