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Cubikill 6 – Download

30 May 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  Comments Off on Cubikill 6 – Download
Cubikill 6 Cubikill 6 – Flash Games Download – Overview
This Cubikill 6 game is about some IT guy in some company who is fed up with his fellow colleague and finally started a killing spree. The sixth game in this series. The original being CubiKill then sequels CubiKill 2CubiKill 3Cubikill 4 and Cubikill 5. This time the graphics style is in first person!

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Download the .zip file from:
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Cubikill 6 – Title Menu!
Cubikill 6
So in this game you play the role of some IT guy in some company. Some angry IT guy!

Cubikill 6 – Intro!
Cubikill 6
So the IT guy believes that he has been tolerating his idiot colleague for many years.

Cubikill 6 – Action! 
Cubikill 6
Start off with some kind of broken glass and a cloth to hold it. Slice people up real good yo!

Cubikill 6 – Inventory!
Cubikill 6
Find various new items then combine them together to make some new weapons?

Cubikill 6 – Map!
Cubikill 6
The map is unlocked after finding it in the second floor. Shows the remaining people to kill!

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